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Teenagers are encouraged to have part-time jobs - What do you think about this?

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Feb 13, 2014   #1
Question: In some countries teenagers are encouraged to have part-time jobs. Some people say this is a good thing. Others disagree. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Nowadays in the modern society, teenagers are encouraged to have part time job. School is the best place for education but for preparation for the future working world, part time can helps student to gain experience. Some disagree, because they feel teenagers duty is studying should not take part time job. Personally, I'm strongly support teenagers to work part time.

It is undenieable that money plays an important role in the life of every people. Malaysia economic downturn in 1997, some parents can't afford to support their children education fees. By working part time, teenagers can get their own salary, they don't have to count on their parents to pay for their study fees and other expenses (Mary & Stephen., 1999). From here they can learn the skills of responsibility and value of money, they can understand how difficult parents earn money to paid their school fees. They will think before they spend the money, it can build a good habit. Other than that, having a part time job they also have to balance their school work at the same time. They can learn how to manage the time and won't simply waste time to do something pointless. If they can starts to build responsibility at the young age, they will be able to handle the big situations in the future. Besides that, they can obtain valuable work experiences from part time job, which are a good resume for their future career and also can expand their networking (Dell Antonia., 2012). Because of the competitive job environment, their experience can create a strong impression for their future job application.

However, some argued that teenagers should not work part time. Because it might take away their childhood, they might spend less time at home with family and friends. Plus, it is very difficult for them to concentrate on their homework and part time job. It might cause higher rates of absenteeism and less involvement in school activities. They will receive a bad grade records, and it will affect their future job application. Furthermore, due to stress from work and school they might take drugs or alcohol. Because they have their own salary to purchase it without parents notice.

In conclusion, although there might have some negative impacts but I agree that teenagers should work part time. Nowadays, there are too many teenagers expect things to be handed to them on a silver platter. So they should learn to face the problem and solve it themselves before they get out to the real world. They should find a best way to intergrate both study and work, they can simply create a schedule that highlights the time to spend working and homework (Nicolw., 2013). And of course, set a day in a week for family and friends gathering so that they can still maintain the relationship well. With the right mindset and motives, working part time can be a great experience for teenagers. They can adapt to the working enviroment and learn lessons from real life society.
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Feb 13, 2014   #2
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