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Teenagers should have the opportunity to hold a part time essay

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Apr 9, 2021   #1
Hello, I would like your feedback to improve, especially the introduction and conclusion part since is an area where its difficult for me to write. Please refer to our private services at essayforum.com@gmail.com due to specific instructions, thank you! EF

part-time job for the youth

Have you considered the idea of how a part-time job would help a teenager? Some people think that teens should not get involved in the participation that part-time jobs provided, as it is not worth for the younster already busy life be more grueling. Although not working offers allevition of what the young person could ask for, such jobs open wide opportunities for any teenager path. Furthermore, procuring to be placed in an environment where the teen can proceed, develop their circumstances, or pursue immediately results on their way to success. As a result, finding a part-time job of one's own allows teens to gain important working experience such as personal development and investment skills.

One benefit teens receive from getting and keeping a job is that it will help them develop the ability to become financially independent. The teen will have the freedom to manage his or her own money. Also, control over how to spend what is earned. Taking to account that it will teach them to be more freestanding, responsible, and learn the value of work, since they can only get what they want with their effort. For instance, they will be able to demonstrate how capable they are by making wiser choices to not wasted their money earned on various items that can be pointless to buy. This will gradually form the self-sufficiency that the young person needs to provide the necessities to maintain themselves and face the vicissitudes of life.

Another advantage teens get from working a part-time employment is that it can contribute significantly to their personal growth. It will help develop lifetime skills that will support them not only as a professional but as an overall human being. Considering that a suitable part-time job will enrich youngsters to be more confident and stable than they were before, since the challenges of the working world are different from what is gain in an academic surrounding. Likewise, by virtue of their experience and knowledge that they establish to handle various situations independently and immediately, their maturity is a factor that will be increased. An example of this would be the ability of how to deal and interact with all kinds of people in contrasting scenarios, from customers with a complicated order to the client who is unwilling to be considerate. Eventually, this will empower the teen to act on their own for any kind of issue because the only one who will be there to defend or accept the responsibility will not be the parent, nor anyone else, but oneself.

In essence, working from a young age is a convenient opportunity for adolescents to demonstrate their ability to be responsible in what the world of work demands. They will develop a greater understanding of money and how to consider their aim in life and set goals to appreciate and optimize their potential. Although, there are many who favor the argument that teens should not work, in my judgement teenagers who gets the experience of establishing a part time job grows up into adults who are much better equipped to handle the expectation of today's world. In view of the fact, these traits will help them adapt to life's realities upon their path.
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Apr 19, 2021   #2
If I were not to consider this based on Task 2 essay requirements, since you did not specify if you were writing this for a practice test, then I would have to say that you made a good effort in this writing task. You have shown an understanding of the topic and the reasons why you would want teenagers to work part time. It is almost as if you work part-time yourself. However, there are times when your thought presentation becomes unclear. Perhaps these are situations when you are uncertain as to the translation of your thoughts from your first language to your second language. There are also some spelling errors here and there in relation to words that, thought correct in usage, were spelled incorrectly. Not worry though, the reader knows what you meant to say.

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