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"Telepathy" - short story for dystopia

yulwan 1 / -  
Sep 20, 2011   #1

This is a long rainy season. Streets litter with garbage. Wet newspaper is flying in the wind sky and beat the loose window, with a strange sound. Only few people on the street and a tramp with a shivering dog walks on the street to find theirs dinner in the ash cart. There still no sunlight across thick clouds. The raindrop becomes avalanches of water, which beat everything in front of my sight, making the sound with many musical notes: Bang, Ding. Outside was stationary black as same as yesterday, even using a clock, I still couldn't distinguish day and night. It looks like the end of the world, maybe tonight is. It is a continuous raining for 100 days.

-May 5, 2058.
Jenny wrote this on her dairy, and then put pen down.
With a sound of door opening, a man walked into the room. "I know. You will ask: 'who are you?' You ask this question everyday when I come back." said the stranger.

"Yeah, who are you?"
"You can use your ability. You can read me, using telepathy, and know who am I." stranger stared at Jenny's eyes.
"You are my husband, Jon?" Jenny looked at Jon with a puzzled expression.
A slight smile on Jon's face, "Yeah, you are my wife." He walked into bedroom and said, "I will take a shower. After, I will tell some special to you."

The year of 2060, the biggest breakthrough of this century: telepathy, which had been implemented for three decades. Everything started when a group of Canadian scientists tendered and corroborated the theory which human thoughts can be explained to a form of electrical pulses. The importance is the theory also explained that human thoughts can be strengthened, conveyed and expounded as electrical signals. Because the outstanding contribute of physiology, this group won the Nobel Prize in 2020. In the next five years, this technology had been widely developed and started biological experiments.

After people continued to consummate and develop this technology, each person had a pair of electrodes and a small chip implanted inside his head by law, which was promulgated in 2030 with 90% votes in the national referendum. These electrodes could change brain wave to electrical signals and beam it out of brain. On the other side, the chip will read the signals as well change these as theirs brain wave and use. It is like people are using the same sensory organ, which is no different from mouth, nose or ears. However, a wrong sitting in Jenny's chip made her can't remember anything happened after her wedding. The only thing she could do was reading past life and herself though husband's eyes.

Almost people enjoyed their ability of mind reading. Crime rates went down because all criminals would get betrayed by their thoughts before committing any illegal thing. People never got tricked by the commercial messages any more. Children knew exactly when to drag their parents to buy the toys and play video games. Girls could catch their boyfriends and checked out other girls who close to them immediately. All the people felt superiority. 'The electrodes and chip in my head have made my life much easier and better.' Everyone thought. It was probably why 90% Canadians said "Yes" to the amendment without any hesitation.

"You know what special day is today?" Jon said with simile and walked out the bedroom with suit.
"Let me guess." Virtually, Jenny didn't guess at all, "Our second wedding anniversary?"
"En-hen. I am not good at keeping secrets in my head. You take all of them."
Both of them smiled.
Jenny and Jon were unlike other people, which were entangled by side effect of mind reading. People were not trustworthy anymore, because what people said was completely different with what they were thinking. At the end, people always found out that others were lying. The electrodes were connecting people's thoughts, but also creating invisible barriers between individuals. Nobody felt safe at getting betrayed by their brains. People had to choose to be truthful or to avoid unnecessary contact with other people. However, sincere people were not welcome in the family, even in this society, because some truths were too harsh and people didn't want to hear. Therefore, when couples being together with each other for some time, they would define each other as a: liar, and broken up at the end. Nevertheless, Jenny and Jon were the first and only couple which had been married for two years in K-W region. Perhaps because the wrong sitting in Jenny's chip which she would forget anything happened overnight.

"Honey, go to have a change, and we will hang out tonight." Jon said gently.
Jenny had a lengthy sigh. Her eyes were so dry that she blinked several times, as if she still couldn't figure out what was going on. She wanted to know more from Jon's eyes and reappearance everything in her brain. Jenny watched scenes of Jon and her being together. However, she looked heart-struck, like she saw some things which she could not accept.

Lucy and Henry went to the best French restaurant in Toronto. The decor was arranged neatly according to Jon's special request: two red roses and some small purple candles around the room with a fresh scent of green tea.

"Do you need any more, like dessert?" said Jon. "The mousse cake is the best, and you will like it."
"I ate too much, I don't need any more." With a hesitation, she took a sip of wine and said. "Can I ask you something?"

"Have I regretted marrying you ever?" said Henry, "Of course, No. I love you. Why would you ask?"
"I just... wonder how you deal with everything by yourself...I even can not help you for trifling things..." Jenny said despondence.
"What do you mean?" Jon finished last wine and asked.
"You know what I mean. You know the matter." Jenny said, and looked at Jon with a gentle sight. However, Jon avoided eye contacting with her.

"Oh...What's the matter?" said Jon, "It feels different. You should know. I love you, and I want to live with you. Even today is the end of the world. I will hold you to

"But I saw it in your brain, apparently you think work is more important than me, important than family, important than anything!" Jenny cried and said. "I saw everything in your eyes..."

"But I am a man. There are lots of things which I should do. Marriage is important, family is also important, but these are few of them."

"But! To me, marriage and family are everything! You should know I only care about you!"
The room was quiet, nobody said anymore. Jon was thinking about the past, how he had fallen in love Jenny. He remembered how different she was. She always tried to keep their secrets. However, to Jon, she was enthusiastic and honest. She never let him worry about.

He wiped his mouth with a tissue and said, "What I supposed to tell you! You have changed. When I met you, you were a perfect girl, but now! You are a different person!"

"Yes! I have changed! However, I cannot do anything for my fault! Even though, I still saw many happiness things, which happened between us years ago in your brain! Even so, why you abandoned me? Leaving home earlier at morning, coming back at night! I felt lonely, felt unsafe. I don't want to be the woman like others. I know. You think I should take the responsible for that. I think this is not the first time we discussed like today, don't we?"

Jon silenced.
"I see, you are suffering from the marriage..." Jenny said tearfully, "Why not... Why not leave me? Divorce is no longer a difficult task"

The room became quiet again.
"But, I can't live alone, I need you." Jon said. "Where could you go after you leave me?"
"Yeah... yeah..." Jenny said, but with a different image in her head. "Money! It is everything in your life! You are a liar."

Jon arched his head, and his breathing became faster. Jenny looked at the man she loved, and thought in mind: Today is the end of the world. Then, she picked up the bottle of wine and hit on his head.

The blood splashed to every corners of the room and serene suddenly became strangely. Jenny shocked by this scene and fainted.

Next day, when Jenny woke up, she wouldn't remember what happened last night, including, she had hit a stranger in a restaurant. However, it wouldn't make any different for her life, because she became more lonely and lost, just like yesterday.

"It is the 100 days of raining. The cloud still thick, no people are walking on the street, only a dog is digging food in the rubbish dump. Bloating wind, floating leaves, everything is similar as yesterday."

-May 5, 2058.

Rechy 11 / 73  
Sep 20, 2011   #2
Wow! Telepathy, that got me hooked.(I get fascinated about anything that has to do with the human mind)
Although, there are some grammatical errors present in your essay, it has just made my day.
By the way, this is not by any means a short story.

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