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Telling the truth is the best policy that a person can adopt in his life.

ebrahimsangsefi 1 / 1  
Nov 11, 2014   #1
There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with this contrversial issue. In the other word, the fact that, the effect can be both positive and negative some people may argue that under special circumstances in which they identify! The can avoid telling the truth, but for me, the advantages of telling the truth outweigh the disadvantages. There are several reason for that. Both Social and psychological issues and also having more real friend are the most important ones.

With out any doubt, person who choose to tell the truth in all occasion enjoy high social relationship. For exapmle I can determine my granfather as person who has a lot of believer in the society. They belong to every culture and every age. He believe that honesty is the best policy and he draw all these attention by telling truth. His behavior cause some people to gain his consultance in every issue and sometime he plays an important role in the life altering decision due to the fact that people faith on him. I think he gain his dream of being accepted in society and as a result he is a powerful man while he is old. I firmly believe that union is the strength.

Furthermore, I can refer to the latest report of scientific community. These reports highlight the negative effects of lying on the heart rate and as a result on the person body. I personally experienced this situation once I found myself in a special situation that I had to lie. You cannot believe what a bad atmosphere and what a critical condition I had. On the other hand, I believe some one that lie have to try to remember his or her lies. It also is the underlying cause of moral disorders in these people. You will find these people introverted most of the times. What impressed me most profoundly about this special "ill" is that what made them to lie while telling truth is the easier way.

I like to look at the question from a diiferent angle. I think lying and telling the truth are both two side of the same coin with negative and positive effects on your relation with people, respectively. What if you speak with condor and have a lot of friends while every one knows that the lyers are social outlaws even if they try to show themeselves socialble. You can find these people alone most of times.

Unquestionably, based upon the above reasons, I persist that telling truth is the best policy that a person can adopt in his life. The person who tell the truth will kill more than two birds with one stone. He or she is not only lead a happy and healthy life but also enjoy the high level of social life.
DaniellePeazer 2 / 3  
Nov 11, 2014   #2
Telling Truth is the best way for settle problem!
Your essay is amazing :)
milamiller 4 / 6 5  
Nov 11, 2014   #3
In the other word, the fact that,( be careful with punctuation. Consider revising in which occasions you should use it) the effect can be both positive and negative some people may argue that (you should have written about what they may argue about before saying about the circumstances. I guess you wanted to write that they approve telling lies under special circumstances)under special circumstances in which they identify!

You also have many errors using an appropriate form of verbs with he/she.
Vns9x 102 / 236 16  
Nov 11, 2014   #4
First of all, layout will not hurt anybody, and it can actually improve your score, when it comes to organization.
vangiespen - / 4,134 1449  
Nov 11, 2014   #5
Ebrahim, you need to review your essay and clean it up. You have spelling errors that could have been spotted at once if you used a spellchecker. You also need to learn to better develop your essays aside from personal experience. Most importantly, when you refer to scientific studies, you need to cite your sources. Since this is for a TOEFL test, you should try to avoid making references to anything academic and just stick to common knowledge evidences. This will still make your essay strongly reasoned and will further improve your chances of getting a good score because it shows your current events and popular culture knowledge. Try to develop the sentences without falling back so much on personal references if you can :-)

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