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Aug 8, 2008   #1
Please correct this essay for me. Thank you so much.


The thing at hand is about the advantages and disadvantages of always telling truths. This is an important issue because it relates to the characteristics of a person and effects on personal and social relationship. In my opinion, telling the truths is better than telling lie.

It is sure that everyone agrees that truth is the foundation of a good relationship. Tagore Rabindranath once said that: "Love is not a mere impulse, it must contain truth, which is law". This is because the truth decides the durability of a relationship. For example, when you discover your close friend or your partner cheat you, it is likely that you don't want to last the link anymore. Therefore, to make fine connections needs the sinceriry.

Additionally, sincere persons usually get more good chances than those who are not. One of the most important things in life is the credit which was from the honesty. With the credit, you are easily received business contracts which give you more money. Conversely, telling lie makes you difficult to get the support from others. Do you remember the shepherd boy in La Fontaine (France, 1621-1695) fable? His calling for help is ignored because of his dishonesty. Thus, it is good to tell the truth in life.

However, we should consider the suitability when telling the truth. In some cases, telling lie brings the usefulness. It is sure you know the story The last leaf of O' Henri (America). What would happen to Johnsy if Berman did not draw an artificial ivy leaf? Sweet and soft lies of Sue and Berman help Johnsy win the dead God. This indicates that we should clearly know when, where and how to tell the truth.

All what above demonstrated that telling the truth should be under serious considerations in specific situations. It is because it has deep effect on relations of an individual and a society.

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