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Tendency to replace old products with the new ones. Why?

loveya 1 / 1  
Oct 5, 2019   #1
Topic: Many people buy products which they really don't need and replace old products with new ones unnecessarily.
Do you think this is a good things?
Why do they do so?

unnecessary replacement of old items with new ones

In today's time, people has a tendency to replace their old belongings with the new ones unnecessarily. The media has played a significant role in influencing people's purchasing pattern of replacing old functional items with unwanted new ones. Additionally, the prolonged use of an item also directly impacts this pattern. However, impact of such influences should be minimized to eliminate unnecessary overhead expenses.

Tendency of replacing old products with new ones is usually noticed under the influence of media or when people are bored of using it. It has been observed that the media ( Internet, televisions and newspaper) play an important role in disseminating information across the society. Advertising newly launched product through well renowned celebrity influences purchasing choices and patterns of a common man. For example, many people especially youngsters tend to change their mobile phones as soon as there is launch of new models in the market. In addition, the boredom caused by prolonged use of a product also contributes in replacing an old item frequently.

Consequently, this temptation of replacing belongings results in unwanted expenses. This is not unusual for people to spend beyond their budget on unwanted items; as it has been seen while shopping for grocery, most picked up item is the one which is highly advertised irrespective of it's price. In such cases, unwanted expenses are incurred by picking up a priced commodity over other available cheaper, similar quality commodity.

In summary, the influential media and boredom are the key factors which contribute to the unnecessary replacement of old items with new ones. If constant scrutiny of such pattern is not done, then it might result in unwanted expenditure.

Maria - / 1,099 389  
Oct 6, 2019   #2
Welcome! Since you're new here, I'm here as a contributor to provide you with feedback on this text. I hope you learn something new from this.

Firstly, I appreciate how composed your writing is. The eloquence of your writing capped with the dynamism of content makes it easier to digest the main thoughts that you were trying to relay in the writing. Keep this up!

I would only recommend that you become more cautious of small mistakes that take down the professionalism of your writing a notch down. The second paragraph's second sentence, for example, had a random parenthesis-based phrasing in it. Omit this. Instead, you can opt for something that appears more academic such as a semi-colon. This will be a lot more forgivable for the readers.
OP loveya 1 / 1  
Oct 7, 2019   #3
Hi Maria,

Thank you for your feedback. It has certainly boosted my confidence and proved that I am on a right track of preparation.

I was confused in using these parentheses as punctuation marks.

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