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xtunx 4 / 9 6  
Feb 29, 2020   #1
Task 2:
Nowadays, it seems that people tend to waste a great amount of food.

Why do you think this is happening? And how can we solve this problem?

In recent years, the prevalence of food wasted has been an increasing concern due to its substantial impact on human life as well as the environment. To put a halt to this situation, this essay will initially attempt to pinpoint the causes for food waste and subsequently offer some actionable solutions.

There are two underlying explanations for the tendency towards wasting food nowadays. One of the reasons is that food is more straightforward to afford. Since the average income as well as food productivity increases, affording food daily no longer imposes a burden on most families. The second reason for food squandering can be attributable to the mass fear of food-poisoning. In fact, a myriad of families tend to dispose food before the expiry date while it is completely edible.

Nevertheless, there are also a number of solutions to alleviate this issue. Firstly, people could voluntarily aid in food-rescue organizations. These organizations are set up to reduce the food wastage resulting from pre-expiry date disposal in big supermarkets by collecting them and giving out to the underprivileged. Secondly, the government could publish policies to ensure the quality of food on the market. By this way, faulty food would no longer be a concern for people.

In conclusion, affordability and mass misconception about food poisoning are two main factors attributed to large amount of food squandered. To mitigate these, it is recommended that food-rescue organizations be assisted . Furthermore, governors could ensure food safety by publishing reasonable policies.

Gaucho 8 / 16  
Mar 3, 2020   #2
Some grammatical and spelling mistakes:

... the causes OF food ...
... the mass fear of FOOD POISONING.
... families TENDS to dispose OF food ...
... attributed to THE large amount ...
potatowee 5 / 13 5  
Mar 4, 2020   #3
Hello @xtunx, I saw that you gave feedbacks for my essay once so I think I should pay back the debt of gratitude here =))))

I believe that you should refrain from using complicated words to explain the reason and propose sollutions in this essay, because this can make the essay quite difficult to be understood. But for some parts, the use of vocabulary and collocation is faulty, for example:

One of the reasons is that food is more straightforward to afford...

I don't think there is any collocations or fixed phrases that look like that. Instead, it can be simplified into:

One of the reasons for food waste is that food has become more affordable...

Also, in this paragraph, the first reasoning is not sufficiently developed. You said that food has become more affordable recently due to increase of "average income" and "food productivity", but you made no link between this and the waste of food in the recent years. You can further develop this argument by saying that because it is so easy to buy food nowadays, many people has forgot about saving food for rainy days and decide to throw away the leftovers from their meals. Here is my suggestion:

One of the reasons for food waste is that food has become more affordable, which subsequently can lower the awareness of saving food. In an era when average income and food productivity has been raised significantly due to economic development, affording food for the daily need has become less of a burden in families. However, because it is not so difficult to purchase food as in the past, people are likely to ignore saving some for rainy days and develop the habit of disposing food after daily meals. As a result, they have already accumulated a great amount of leftovers, causing the food waste on a global scale.
OP xtunx 4 / 9 6  
Mar 20, 2020   #4
Sorry not until now could I reply your feedback. I have not been around here for a while and I've just come back. Thank you for your kind and considerate feedbacks. I really appreciate it. I'll look into it carefully. Thank you again <3
lovewriting 1 / 2  
Mar 20, 2020   #5
You should improve your idea by add some support senteces as I think your ideas are weak
amy_nyk 2 / 2  
Mar 23, 2020   #6
You can add some example to support your idea and extend the article
ndhnif 3 / 6 2  
Mar 23, 2020   #7
Dear Author,

It will be better for you to add thesis statement which states the intended message of your essay on the last sentence of your first paraghraph. So, the rest of your essay, will support your thesis statement

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