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IELTS WT1 Test 1 CAM 7 - National consumer expenditure 2002

Katy Curie 5 / 7 7  
Oct 25, 2014   #1
Please mark my description below. I really need your help because of the next week IELTS exam. Thank you very much!

The table shows the proportions of consumer expenditure in some European countries on some main items in 2002.

In general, all the countries' consumers spent more money on food, drinks and tobacco than on the other categories. Leisure and education, in contrast, accounted for the least percentage in total expenditure.

People in Turkey seemed to consume food, drinks and tobacco more than consumers in other countries, with 32.14% of expenditure spent on these items. Following Turkey come Ireland with 28.91% and Spain with 18.80%. Swedish consumers, meanwhile, only had a half of Turkish expenditure share for food, drinks and tobacco.

It is different as we look at clothing and footwear category. The largest share in expenditure of those items was addressed to Italy with 9% in comparison with the other countries. Also on the same category but Irish, Spanish and Turkish consumers spent less percentage of expenditure, with 6.43%, 6.51% and 6.63% respectively.

As for leisure and education category, Turkish people again showed their significant concern by spending 4.35% of total expenditure on these items, while the other countries all got smaller figures, with Italian and Swedish people at 3.20% and 3.22%, and Spanish people only at 1.98%.

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