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IELTS TASK 2 - text messages, twittering, emails are destroying our ability to spell and write

Lucy Ngong 3 / 4  
Nov 25, 2015   #1
Some people say that text messages, twittering and emails are an accepted part of the language we us ein our everyday lives. Others say that they are destroying our ability to spell and write properly.

(Discuss both views and give your own opinion)

Since text SMS, twittering, emails is indispensable to morden life, some people say these tools become apart of nowaday communication language. Others think they jeopardize the language standards. In this essay, I will examine both sides of this issue.

People who critize using text sms, twittering, emails belive that they are ruined our ability to spell and write properly. The first disadvantage of using modern contact ways is cannot show the tone of voice and the truly mood of communicators. Hence, this hobbly lead to inadequate eloquence of students,inefficient ability to use words approximately in context. These methods, sencond, are replaced verbal and writing ones. Due to the fact that people spend all most time on internet social network, meetings in person and handwritten letters are uncommon. Limitation of text message is the third inconvenience of digital communication.It is messages are limited only 160 characters that is the reason for using symboys and abbrevitations to save space and time. So, as a result of typing text messages as frequently, students have poor punctuation, grammar and abbrevitation in exams and papers.

Others say digitalized communications are conventional branch of our language. Firstly, writing is more concise. It twitter's 140 characters limit that pushes us to get the effort to express( essence of) what we are trying to say. Who says you must have full sentences or paragraphs of text to make an impact or to driver people to action? Secondly, abbrevitations and symboys has had been used ever since English began written down, social networks just creat new morden words and help to communicate more effectively. Word such as exams, fridge, vet, bus are familiar today but they were new words in previous decade. When some of these abbretated forms first came into use, they also attract criticism. Thirdly, the use of initial letters for whole words ( gf for girl friends) is not at all new. People hava been innitialising common phrase for ages, such as IOU from 1618. There is no diffirence bettwen a morden child's "LOL" and an earlier generation's "Swalk" ( sealed with a loving kiss).

Finally, in my opinion, whether communication in digital era brings some bad effect on our language, it plays an important role in maintaining and developing our English. It show a human ability to be lingustically creative and adapt language to suit with diffirent demands. And in texting we are seeing is language in evolution.
irhame 52 / 50 25  
Nov 25, 2015   #2
Since text SMS, twittering, emails is ...

SMS, twittering, emails are indispensable in this modern life. As such, while some people argue that these tools become apart of modern communications, i totally believe that they threaten the language standards. in this essay, i will discuss both sides of this worrying issue.
thiet sun 5 / 6 1  
Nov 25, 2015   #3
here are my comments
1. your task response is good: discuss both positive and negative aspects and give your own opinion
2. I find some academic words in your essay: indispensable,inadequate , inconvenience and some good vocabularies relating to topic
3. However, I think you should pay more attention to spelling and grammar as well.
hope thic can help u

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