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Many think that artificially intelligence robots will do all jobs eventually. Do you agree or not?

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Jun 13, 2021   #1

modern technology and human

Todays, technology has developed dramatically and numerous technical devices have been applied in normal life. One of the most important inventions that people have ever published is artificially intelligence robots. Many believe that they will do all jobs eventually, in my opinion, I just agree to certain extent

There are various advantages that artificially intelligence robots bring to out life. Firstly, it takes less time to finish a job while the quality is guaranteed. For instance, some jobs which are repetitive such as produce shoes, the robots will do it with perfection and they are not likely to be bored or exhausted. In addition, inspite of their' high cost, they can help cut off human resource in companies, that will lead to the decrease in the amount of money that business owners pay for workers every months. It is such a good deal for them.

On the other hand, there are still some jobs that robots can not do perfectly at all. Some jobs that need human touch, flexible thinking and objective decisions can not be done by robots. For example, the jobs which are related to education, medical system have numerous complicated problem that algorithmic can not solve, so people have to do them by themselves. Besides, it will be a threat to human someday if they depend dramatically on robots. Robots have artificial intelligence and they learn from human everyday, in the future, they may control the world and people will be in danger.

In conclusion, there are benefits and drawbacks in this argument. The replacement of robots in many jobs is imminent, in my viewpoint, we should apply them in suitable jobs and the jobs that need human touch still should be done by human
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Jun 14, 2021   #2
...in my opinion,I just agree to certain extent

This is an opinion essay. It is not an extent response writing task. Your answer is not in the correct format. A more apt presentation would have been:

It is my opinion that there is a limitation to robotic intelligence that limits its ability to do all human tasks. This is because humans program the AI abilities and man will not program robots to do all his jobs the human workforce will lose their jobs in the process.

There are 3 accomplishments in the above presentation:

1. Delivery of a personal opinion ( there is a limitation )
2. Reason for opinion ( robotic intelligence is limited in ability to do human tasks )
3. Thesis statement (humans program the AI abilities , man programs the A I, he will not teach a robot to do all his jobs, human workforce will lose their jobs in the process.)

From that presentation, I clearly address all the TA requirements for a clear and discussion related opinion. Your presentation fails to properly address the task. My thesis statement coherently outlines 3 cohesive reasoning topics for the 2 body paragraphs. This is a sample of a correct response to this task with an easy to follow discussion outline.

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