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Do you think distance learning is more beneficial for students?

vanessa000 4 / 9  
Aug 2, 2011   #1
Many universities have distance learning programs, which allow students to take classes at home via TV or the Internet rather than attend classes at some capital location. Do you think distance learning is more beneficial for students? Discuss providing examples.

With technology advanced, more and more colleges are offering distance learning programs, which can help students attain knowledge through online courses, and make education more accessible and flexible. Although, distance learning programs bring a new era of education, I maintain that it is not as beneficial as regular classroom courses.

Education is more than just teaching knowledge, it should also be viewed as a tool to help student develop an ability of socializing and cooperating with others. Studies show that students who take regular courses in classroom tend to be more sociable and outgoing than those who take online courses. In classroom, students can meet and discuss questions face to face with their classmates, which is beneficial for them, as it can improve their teamwork skills as well as communication skills. In addition, they will have many opportunities to get involved with campus activities, school organizations, and even future employers in a career fair. These are the features that distance learning programs are lack of.

Since distance learning programs allow students to take classes at home via Television or the Internet, they promotes a lack of enforcements on student who can't complete assignments on time, and produce a better chance for students who like to cheat for a better grade. Studying at home can become too comfortable to learn anything. Students may turn on Television and watch a football game instead of doing their homework; they can also pretend to study while surfing online and chatting with their friends through Facebook; at worse, they may bride someone to get their tests done, since professors are not present to watch them while they are taking the test. These disadvantages of distance learning programs really distort the purpose of education.

Students from distance learning programs sometime can get frustrated and depressed if they couldn't understand the course material. Although, they can always send an email to ask questions, it takes time to get a response from teachers. Not to mention, some problems are hard to understand through emails. If students were taking courses in a regular classroom, they could have the chance to ask questions during class and get a prompt answer in order to continue to learn. Face to face conversion is always beneficial for both parties if they need to solve the problems more efficiently. Therefore, I believe that distance learning programs cannot satisfy those students who are struggling with problems that need an immediate explanation.

Although, distance learning programs provide an alternative way to attain education for students who need flexibilities and conveniences, we have to recognize the disadvantages of it. Distance learning programs are not beneficial for everyone, and only one with greater socializing skills, higher self-discipline, and a better understanding of subjects can benefit from it.
Fiona_82075 3 / 6  
Aug 2, 2011   #2
With technology advanced----with advances in technology
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maybe the beginning of the last paragraph should add something like "in conclusion/i'd conclude"...:)

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