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Do you think it is the good idea for a student to have a part time job?

shinbonis 1 / -  
Oct 24, 2011   #1
Nowday, more and more students have part time jobs.Is it a good idea. Maybe it is good or maybe not. In my opinion, it is a good idea but it is also a bad idea. With opinion, it is a good idea. Firstly,if you have a part time job, you yourself earn money. Secondly, you also can gain the experience and job skills when you work. Especially, you'll be independent and don't belong to your parents. Moreover, you'll have more friends. That's so great. But, on the other hand, it is a bad idea. In fact, you don't have much time to study so you'll have bad grades at school. And you usually feel tired after working. Besides, You aren't allowed by parents. In brief, in anything, it's always have good thing and bad thing so you have to think carefully before you make a decision should or shoudn't have a part time job.

manishchandra 2 / 5  
Oct 25, 2011   #2
This essay is not going anywhere, Iguess in these type of essay you have to be on one side. Either you agree or disagree with the concept of part time job.

What is the help that you need in this essay and your word limit? I think anyone would need these information to make any further comment


Manish Chandra
KathyLala 20 / 116  
Oct 25, 2011   #3
I think Manish makes a point, you can choose either side if this is an argument essay. Anyway, if you're not familiar with writing 5-paragraph, you can choose to write 3-4 paragraphs

Some people believe that part-time jobs help students earn a portion income to support themselves while they are studying in college. Others argue that part-time works would occupy most of students' study time. In my opinion I agree that------------------------------(thesis statement)

-Support your idea why working part-time is worth or not (choose only one side-in order to support your ideas, you need topic sentence)
TOPIC SENTENCE: Part-time jobs give students opportunity to gain experience that helps them in their career.

TOPIC SENTENCE: Working allows students living independently

Restate your thesis
monamona 7 / 10  
Oct 26, 2011   #4
Nowaday is wrong should writ nowadays .
Also it is better to separate your paragraphs.
Best wish

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