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Some think that people should not change their jobs while others think they should because it brings

Daniel Do 1 / -  
Jul 26, 2022   #1
Some think that people should not change their jobs while others think they should because it brings advantages for themselves, company and society.

Discuss and give opinion.

These days, owing to the development of technologies, namely the Internet, people have more opportunities in seeking jobs, which eventually culminates in the increasing rate of changing current occupations. It is thought by many individuals that this tendency should be encouraged more because of unrivaled benefits, while others opine the opposite. From my standpoint, I am in of tune with the former stand, and in this essay, I will discuss further my verdict.

It is fathomable that moving on to a new appointment is not a favorable choice for many people. Standing behind this is the fact that it can affect the financial stability of a person. As a striking illustration, in Asian countries such as China or Vietnam, high school students are deliberately guided to choose their most fitting occupation, which constitutes perpetual, in vocational courses organized by the school. It is due to the belief that the time spent on finding a new job may be extended which can cause acute effects on the finance of an individual. Additionally, the lack of confidence to find a new, suitable job is also a plausible reason. Because of social prejudice toward people who are jobless, many individuals are disheartened to quit their current occupations. Thus, it is common sense that there are many adherents to the latter view.

Nonetheless, on the other hand, proponents of the first view also have numerous rational reasons to fortify their opinion. One justification usually brought up is the fulfillment of working in the right place. There are many things that cause people to quit, and one of these is the detrimental working environment, such as negative coworkers, and boss, which can result in the apprehension and depression of an employee. Moreover, being employed in a more suitable position can create enthusiasm fostering people to work assiduously and persistently, which is not only beneficial to the workers themselves but also to the company or the business they are working for. Because of these above reasons, I am wholeheartedly on the side with the first view.

To conclude, the former belief is totally compelling for me because of several factors such as the mental health caused by egregious workplaces and the contentment of working in the preferable job.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,033 4247  
Jul 26, 2022   #2
There is no platform indicated in the original prompt for the subject provided. The writer should not have indicated any basis for the reasoning in his presentation either. That is because doing so changed the viewpoint of the original prompt, resulting in an alter topic presentation and a non=passing restatement scoring consideration. The writer should always quickly restate the topic, without adding information that will alter the original discussion points. The total paragraph will actually make the essay receive a failing score due to prompt and opinion inaccuracies. The writer committed the biggest error in writing the task 2 essay. He actually began his discussion in the first paragraph. An action that is frowned upon since it does not provide the necessary prequalifying score criteria for the presentation. The essay has already failed and need not be reviewed further. The writer must learn to prevent himself from starting his reasoning discussions in the first paragraph. The reasoning summary can be provided but the full developed discussion needs to be found in the 2 public v. personal reasoning paragraphs instead.

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