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IELTS WRITING TASK 2 we have three important parts of education: reading, writing and maths.

doda22 2 / 1  
Jul 22, 2018   #1
we have three important parts of education: reading, writing and maths. some people think every child will benefit from a fourth skill added to the list: computer skill. Do you agree or disagree?

necessary skills to obtain during education

Since the dawn of education, such skills as reading, writing, and mathematics have always played a pivotal role in graduates' development. However, due to the proliferation of technology, whether adding computing in school curriculum is positive or negative remains at the heart of numerous heated debates. This essay serves to clarify both the pros and cons of this teaching approach before coming to a reasonable conclusion.

On one level, the ability to use deftly computer is of significance to young people in the current age. It is universally acknowledged that with the development of technology, a huge resource of knowledge about everything is available on the internet which is accessed widely to computers. It enables students to study wherever and whenever they want. Hence, those can trace their own inspiring place and time that they are capable of working 100 percent efficiently. Furthermore, thanks to global connection, not only can youngsters take the distance learning courses but also the adults. In addition, acquiring a good computer skill must be useful for their future fobs. In fact, nowadays, many businesses and big firm require their employees to become proficient in computer using.

From another angle, however, an excessive degree of computer exposure to students exerts detrimental impacts on those. Initially, young people have the tendency to expose to the screen of laptop or computer for many long hours. This leads to a consequence that their eyes will suffer from several diseases such as being myopic, astigmatism, or even being blind for a short period of time. Moreover, adolescents rely too much on computers. Thus, some basic skills of them will not be sharpened to become able and spelling may suffer

To recapitulate, computer skills is a necessary attribute to students and could be included in school syllabus. However, this course should be complementary and censorship on the level of using.
dimdim02 7 / 13 1  
Jul 22, 2018   #2
this is agree and disagree topic, not advantages or disadvantages. I think you should not discuss about negative side of computer. examiner will consider you not to address the task correctly.
OP doda22 2 / 1  
Jul 22, 2018   #3
I think we should discuss both views before coming a conclusion. If not what should i do @dimdim22
dimdim02 7 / 13 1  
Jul 23, 2018   #4
you can expand your idea why you agree/disagree in your body paragraphs. for instance, in first body paragraph , you can describe reason 1 and give an example, and in second body paragraph you can explain reason 2 and give an example.

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