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Three reasons for visiting museums

adrianw 1 / 1  
Nov 14, 2015   #1
Museums are place to preserve historical objects of a civilization. It could be ancient text, weaponry or clothes. Many people will visit museums when they are travel to new places. Their motives usually to know the history of the place, to search for inspiration or just to have photos of moments for their social media.

History are everywhere and it always been made as long as human civilization continue to go on. The accuracy of history is very fragile, because it is based on human memories and interpretation. The best way to discover the true history of a place is to visit the museum. Why? Because in the museum, every history has been tested with facts and scientific methodology. History that has been displayed in the museums are scientifically true. Most of the people who visit museum are curious about the true history of a place.

Beside curiosity, some people are visiting the museum to search for inspiration. Historical objects offer many inspiration from the past. Many movies, songs or even fashion are inspired by history. Let's take a look at the famous movie entitled: Gladiator. It is a movie that comes from historical observation of roman gladiator's lifestyle in the past. To know the costumes, cinematography, details and special effects, the movie's scriptwriter has to spend many hours analyzing ancient gladiator artifacts in the museum.

Another casual reason for visiting museum is to have a collection good vintage photos for their social media. What is social media? It is a websites which enables people to actualizing themselves to all around the world. Famous social media known today are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. People usually very keen to keep every moment when they are travelling in those website. In social media, another will see their photos taken in the museum and make commentaries on them. For some people this kind of activity is very entertaining, and they won't miss it when they are visiting new places such as museums.

Ssakshijain 28 / 146 87  
Nov 14, 2015   #2
Hi Adrian

Some corrections from my side:

Many people will visit museums when they arewhile travellingto new placesfor fun or while visiting new places to know about history. . Their motives usually to know the history of the placeSome of them have the motive of looking for inspirationsto search for inspirationor just towhereas some people visit to have photos of moments for theirto post on social media.

Also, I guess prompt is why we should visit museums not why people visit museums. There is a difference in between these two. If the question is why one should visit, it will be futile to mention social media and desires of the people to visit . You should mention what the prompt is actually and answer it accordingly.
OP adrianw 1 / 1  
Nov 15, 2015   #3
Dear @ssakshijain,

Thank you for your correction, it is very helpful :-D

I have some points to clarify with you, they are:
1. Why do you say that using the word "everywhere" is sounds childish?
2. To actualize means to get other people know about him/herself, however I made a mistake here by using "to actualizing" not "to actualize" (to infinitive). Is it correct?

Actually, the essay is written based on a writing topic of TOEFL iBT: "Many people visit museums when they travel to new places. Why do you think people visit museums? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.", so it is not about why one should visit museum.
Ssakshijain 28 / 146 87  
Nov 16, 2015   #4
Hey Adrian

Sorry if it was misunderstood:
By childish I only meant I found it less persuasive:

History is everywhere.
Either you can write something like this, Every region / place has its own history....
This is what I would be writing :)

Regarding the prompt, do mention the full prompt in your essay so that readers can comment accordingly.

To actualizing is not the correct phrase...To actualize is correct according to me :)

Good luck :)

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