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'The most time-consuming housework' - bar chart for IELTS

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Jan 28, 2012   #1
The chart shows the division of household tasks by gender in Great Britain.
Write a report for a university lecture describing the information shown below.
You should write at least 150 words.


This bar chart shows time spent on housework over the course of a day by male and female in the U.K. for six work types. From the chart, it can be seen that women are responsible for more chores in a family than men.

The most time-consuming housework is for cooking, baking, washing up category which lists at the top of the whole graph, making up approximately a quarter of female's housework time. That amount is 7.4 times as much as that women spend in doing maintenance odd jobs. For male, most of the time are under patcare which is also men's highest number. Moreover, male spend the least time on the category of clothes washing, ironing, sewing which is about one thirteenth of the same catefory for female.

It is clear that women do more chores than men about cooking, cleaning, children caring and clothes washing with 74 minutes, 58 minutes, 45 minutes and 25 minutes respectively. Among them, the difference for clothes washing between male and female is dramatically huge. For the rest categories, time spent by men is almost twice as much as that spent by women.

Overall, male spend more time on the housework which demand much strenghth, while women do more inside work.

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