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(more time for relationship and health care) - A job with more vacation time?

sabrinayaa 12 / 22  
Mar 11, 2011   #1
Topic: A job with more vacation time is better than a job with high salary but less vacation time

As the wheels of the social development speed up amazingly, some people extol the merits of jobs with more vacation time, while others hold the view that jobs with high salary but less vacation time are more attractive. From my standpoint, I would like to choose a job with more vacation time, even it means a less paid.

The uppermost account that would gain credence is that people could have leisure time spent with their friends and family. The relationship between family and friends would have never abate, no matter how fast the world develops. People surrounded by work all days would have less time sharing with their family, which might lead to the increasing divorce rate and the decreasing family happiness index to some extend. Reports from the newspaper or magazines demonstrated that thousand of hundreds of couples have to resort to the court as the result of their wife or husband could not extract tiny time from working. The most successful person in the world are not only good at making money but also aware of balancing working and family. Like Bill Gates and Linda, their successful family relationship has brought a huge admiration in the world.

Another important aspect considered derives from the committing to a health condition. People work in busy schedule companies sometimes would suffer form stress-related illnesses, such as high blood pressure, ulcers and fatigue, since they have to sacrifice their off-work time to meet the needs of organizations. On the contrary, a job with less salary but has more flexible time means you can have your time on your own. This would benefit both the company and the employees, it helps employees to live a happier life as well helps to boost their morale and enhance employee commitment the company. As the old saying goes, money is not everything.

Moreover, people would choose jobs with more vacation, to some extend, they want to make use of the leisure time for traveling. The phenomena are often observed in some modern cities, especially prevailing among younger people. These special populations would choose jobs which are not having tight schedules but could afford their daily lives, then they would spend their free time either visiting a far away village or meeting with other people having a different culture. The new way of lifestyle seems to gain popularity nowadays.

In conclusion, as I mentioned earlier, time could be spent strengthen the interpersonal relationship, a guarantee of sound health condition, and free time for traveling, these three main reasons would be explained my choice of a job that not paid well but providing more vacations.

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