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"There are times when lying is acceptable"--TOEFL essay

May 23, 2011   #1
Thee are times when lying is acceptable. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

This is my essay, please give me some help, i'm appreciate your help.

Lying is acceptable depended on what is the times and purposes that you tell lie for. The right time and good purpose lying may be changed situation and always acceptable by the people.

People who tell lies every time was dishonest that person will not trust by others. People who tell lie in the right time was kind smart person that will to be loved by all of people. Sometimes lying change the situation is more effective than told the truth. For example, your child broke your favorite things or painted on your new decorated wall, what the things you can do towards the kid? You yelled kid to express your real anger or tried to pretend ...

Although telling lie are sometimes unbearable, people who is always tell lie were recognized to be unreliable or even owned bad characteristics, there are times when telling lies were acceptable, it depended upon what purposes that make people tell lies.

Despite most of people tell lies when they want to cover the truth and cheat the others, a few of people tell lies when they want to change the results and help the others. For example, the doctor always offers positive explanation about their patients' symptoms, and rarely gives negative news even if they already known about it; this kind of doctor's lies have helped many patients to build their self-confidence during their illness periods. The doctor's goal to tell lies is help patients, not to cheat them, so this kind of lying often appreciate among the people.

Furthermore, not all of people who are not state truth were be regard as they have unbelievable characters, due to they know that sometimes truth would produce opposite results; they have astute thoughts so they decided to not to represent reality. For instance, teachers in the classes often praise the students even if they haven't offered correct answers; instead of criticizing them, the teachers used the acclaim to encourage the students to find out the right ones. This kind of lies in the school often be regard as a positive educational methods, of course, the teacher who are telling lies were not have unreliable characters, on the other hand, they are all very kind to their students, so the lies they made not relate to their personalities, and then it had very awesome results, so not all lies are unacceptable to the people.

In conclusion, people easily to accept the others telling lies when it have kind purposes and reflect to the good results and not relate to the bad characters about who tell it.

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May 24, 2011   #2
Lying is acceptable depended depending on what are

The right time and good purpose for lying may make it something that brings about the greatest possible good for everyone involved.---I had to change this whole sentence because it did not really make sense.

People who tell lies all the time are dishonest, and they will not trusted by others.

In this example, you tell a lie to a child, but the lying changes the situation and taught the child that you are smart parent. ---I had to make a lot fo changes to this one, too.

Kids accept your lying.

People often have to tell a lie in difficult situations. A husband tells wife that she always looks like the first time they met.---Nice job! I needed to make a small change, though.

Some kinds of lying are accepted by all people, just because the liar has a kind purpose for telling the lie.

PRACTICE every sentence above 10 times. Speak every sentence 10 times. I see that you are learning English very well, but you need to practice the basic skills. Read an article you enjoy, and speak the sentences aloud. Practice typing sentences with the correct grammar.

I'm glad you joined essayforum!
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May 26, 2011   #3
i known it's difficult to modify my essay, as a beginner, sometimes i feel frustrating, but due to your help, i feel more better now. I write my essay again..

Thanks for setting a good example for the other students. Your English will be perfect soon!

Although telling a lie is sometimes...

unbearable, people who is always tell lies are recognized to be ...

YOU DO NOT NEED TO SAY MOST OF PEOPLE. Just say: Most people...
Despite the fact that most people tell lies when they ...

Furthermore, not all of people who state untruths are be regarded as people with untrustworthy character, because they know ...

In conclusion, people easily accept the fact that others tell lies when it has a kindhearted purpose and seeks good results. relate to the bad characters about who tell it.

Keep practicing!! These errors are small and unimportant. You already write quite well!

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