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no other tools than face-to-face talk can replace human needs to meet and share joys and sorrows

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Aug 19, 2008   #1
I would be grateful if you can help me with this essay!
Since I'm not a native speaker, if you find some words wierd and never be used by native speakers, pls alarm me immediately, or inform me of sth incomprehensible... or topic sentence that you find it not general enough....

I'm heading towards the Language test next months.
Thanks so so much!

argumentative essay on face-to-face communication VS phone,mail,letter...

With the advent of advanced technology, human has the tendency to regard letters, email, or telephone calls as more modernized ways to communicate with each other. However, face-to-face communication is by no means reinstated by such things as it is the most comprehensive and interactive way to be in touch. From my individual point of view, meeting everyone in person should be preferable because of the following reasons.

To begin with, face-to-face communication enables us to have an all-embracing understanding of the partner's idea. By taking notice of his mood and emotion, one can figure out what the partner's attitude towards the conversation is, how to continue and whether to change the direction or terminate the talk if necessary. Moreover, even if there are some major differences between individuals such as age gap or language barrier, they still can get on well since they have the privilege of talking directly. For instance, a Vietnamese, despite poor command of English speaking, can effectively communicate with foreigners by using facial expression, body language, eye contact..., which are definitely out of the question if he uses email, letter or telephone.

What's more, face-to-face communication is indispensable when it comes to relationship. Why are two persons in love, in spite of having telephone on hand or computers available to email, still in need of meeting each other? It is because they want to take good care of each other, to see each other in person daily and to converse directly with his/her partner. Another illustrative example is the situation of a student studying abroad. Living within many outlandish strangers, one may feel extremely lonely and isolated although daily keeping in contact with his family through the Internet. That's the reason why overseas students always have a craving for returning back home to meet his relatives and to be smothered with love by his family members. Above all, being apart for a long time is not beneficial for any relationship.

Admittedly, some opponents may assert that it takes a lot of time when traveling just to meet each other in person and that they can immediately send an email instead. Nonetheless, they ignore the fact that it also takes a great deal of time to interpret their ideas clearly and comprehensively to their partners in an email. It is even more time-consuming when their ideas are misunderstood or are lost in grammatical errors and misuses of vocabulary because they have to compose more emails. Additionally, with piles of emails received every day, how can they ascertain that their partners read emails carefully and take such ideas as seriously as they deserve to be? Fortunately, face-to-face communication is the solution to all such problems, enabling human to get immediate feedbacks and clarify confusion among individuals.

All things considered, face-to-face communication has still been the most effective way of expressing ideas. Even in an age of technology like nowadays, no other tools can replace it as human needs to meet, to share joys and sorrows and to keep on living happily.

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Aug 19, 2008   #2
Nice work! You did really well with your organization, structure, and content. You make some really good points and support them with great examples. A few mechanical and grammatical corrections, but overall a very fine job.
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Aug 19, 2008   #3
do you fnd any words wierd? there are some words i'm not sure whether they are used by native spkers or not, or too old-fashioned to be used?

all-embracing understanding of the partner's idea
outlandish strangers
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Aug 24, 2008   #4
Both of those are fine; they are still used frequently today.

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