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IELTS Writing-Topic about TV, book, radio

Jun 6, 2010   #1
Writing Task:
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three of the following as media for
communicating information. State which you consider to be the most effective.
Comics, Books, Radio, Television, Film, Theatre
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own
knowledge or experience.

The civilization of our human beings has developed for a long time with the help of the science and technology. Nowadays, people can communicate information through various mediums such as book, radio and television and so on. These three mediums are the most popular ones that we are using everyday and almost can not live without them.

Book is the conventional media for people to spread the information and it has been existing for thousands years. People can get huge amount of knowledge, predecessors' experience and historical lessons from books. However, in the current time, book seems to be out of date, because it always takes a long time on editing, printing and publishing. Therefore, it can not catch up the latest changes all around the world.

In order to meet the information explosion now, radio, a kind of electronic wave technology, came into our daily life. It is affordable for almost everyone and can pass the information among people in just few seconds. On the other hand, it has its own limitation. People can hear things through radio, but sometimes language can not explain things that such clear and some audience could misunderstand the content maybe just cause of missing one word.

Thus, TV was invented. Television can solve most of the misunderstandings and also help people get information not only through sound but also the vision. This is a real good medium to communicate information, but unfortunately some new problems are raised on this communication platform such as too much violent program, too much advertisement etc. All these kind of information should be well controlled to the younger generation.

All in all, compared with other tow medias, I believe that TV is the most effective one for communicating information.

Your suggestions and any idea on my writing will be appreciated! I really need you help! Thanks ever so much!

Jun 6, 2010   #2
You should expand on the last paragraphs, by repeating your reasons; it is too short. Add few supportive sentences to the para devoted to television, as you in favour of it. The reasons that you brought there for its effectiveness are not completely persuasive.
Jun 7, 2010   #3
Thanks a lot for you comment, Azeri. I think now I have some rough idea about my writing. I will give out next one or two in this week and I will fix some silly problems I have. Anyway, I hope you may give more ideas on my following writings! That's really apreciated!

Jun 7, 2010   #4
Hi Jet,

In my openion, starting with the word civilization is compatable with mentioning some historical facts about inventions of Radio and TV. This way is helpfull in order to expand your paragraphs by finding more persuasive reasons to support your choice as Azeri adviced you above.


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