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TOPIC: What causes young people, especially university students, to feel negative?

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Sep 11, 2021   #1

young people mood

A negative mood is a common problem that almost all young people, particularly students at university and college, are facing. In fact, a high level of anxiety can lead to suicidal thoughts and behaviors and go on to affect a person throughout life. According to the result of investments, there are three primary reasons that cause the negative feeling.

The most fundamental cause for pessimistic students is the intense pressure of study. Every day, they have to deal with a large number of assignments in class and deadlines at home, which make their brain continually activate and seriously damage in case it lasts for weeks and months. Additionally, when the exams approach, they constantly wake up all night to cram for their examination that they can have the state of insomnia. The core is also the significant factor that makes students particularly worry and increase the tension.

The second reason, the relationship between students and people around them, makes a contribution to their negation. It can include relationships in their family and among friends. It is true that the regular argument of parents or separation of them has a profound influence on children's thoughts that lead to depression. Similarly, students can have some trouble building up eternal friendships or great love. While connections can make a person integrate into the world outside, they also can damage a person because of experiencing a relationship break-up.

The final point that causes young people to feel depressed is environmental factors. Most university students are living far away from their families, so they usually feel incredibly alone and homesick thus. Moreover, they have to manage everything by themselves, such as spending, cooking, and dressing, which their parents carefully prepare as they are at home. Also, they get into difficulties from time to time; they try to deal with them without the support of their parents. For this reason, many students are suffering stress now.

University students usually tend to be pessimistic about life events such as pressures, relationships, environmental factors. In addition, if anxiety goes on for a long time, they may face with depression or insomnia, which severely affects their mental health. Whatever the reasons, it is very paramount to confront this problem.
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Sep 13, 2021   #2

Investments are defined as the devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc., as for a purpose or to achieve something. This noun is an elementary level word that is not used in the proper reference in this sentence. Next time look up the word meaning before using it. This is an LR deduction.

there are three primary reasons

Give a summary of these reasons to complete the presentation. Summarize the discussion points. 2 reasons will suffice since this is only a 40 minute task. The essay is over-discussed and will not meet the time allowance during the actual test.


Another word choice error. This is a midde school level noun that implies an act of denial, among other definitions, none of which apply to the meaning of the sentence the writer tried to imply.

The writer is only at the beginner level of vocabulary usage.While his logic is proper, he is unable to choose the right words to use in expressing his thoughts.
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Sep 13, 2021   #3
Thanks your advice. I will consider them.

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