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Topic: Why do you choose English as a major? Write a paragraph of about 150 words.

Khanh102 1 / -  
Nov 8, 2018   #1

a strong passion for learning English

Before I made my decision to take an English major, I had taken account of several reasons. First of all, I was fortunate enough to be a student of English class during my high school time and this was of great advantage to me to choose any field that is related to English study or required basic English skills. Also, a strong background in English would make it easier for me to study in a program/course where I have to learn and deal with English literature, poetry reading, as well as do a lot of writings. For this reason, English might be an ideal major for me at this point. Additionally, ever since I was a child, I had developed a strong passion for learning English and wished to pursue a career in English translating and interpreting. This is why, apart from being a student of English class, I would like to take a further step towards a higher education where I would major in English and turn my passion into my life's career. Furthermore, the fact that a degree in English would lead to various career paths after graduation has eventually reinforced my decision that a major in English is the perfect choice for university. Looking back, I have absolutely no regrets of my choice and are putting maximum efforts into making it worth choosing.
bachyangha 2 / 1 2  
Nov 8, 2018   #2
... to take an English as my major, I had taken account of several reasons. this makes no sense, should change it First of all, I was fortunate enough it was of great luck of me/ i was very lucky to be a student ... advantage to for me to choose...

... as well as do (a sequence of nouns so 'do' cannot stay here) a lot of writings.
... a career in of English ...
... step towards a higher ... I would major should replace major with specialise in English ...
... decision that a major too much repetition, you can use deep study in English/ my studying English in depth is the perfect ...
... my choice and are I am putting my maximum ...
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,887 3555  
Nov 9, 2018   #3
Dang, it would be better for your discussion if you opt to discuss your reason for choosing English as your major based on your desire to pursue a career as a translator and interpreter. These are more geared towards an academic and professional goal that work side by side. it makes you sound like you have a chosen your career path soon after graduation. That is a type of determination that the reviewers tend to be pleased with. By the way, you are not a "student of English class", you are a "student of English". You can stop saying class because a class is what you enroll in to learn. Therefore you are just a student at this point.

The first 4 sentences can be omitted from this presentation. It does not really help to move your essay forward because it is too focused on your previous, early English interest when what the essay requires if a forward thinking presentation of your reasons. By removing those sentences, you will be able to free up more words to help you better explain your academic and profession related goals, which is the basis of the essay.

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