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Ielts Task 2 Topic: computer skills after writing, reading and maths

Nhu Tran 2 / 2  
Aug 23, 2017   #1
Writing, reading and maths are the three recognized traditional subjects. Computer skills should also be the fourth largest branch. Do you agree or disagree?

the importance of computer skills

Whether or not besides the three most vital disciplines namely writing, reading and maths, computer skills should be the next one on the list is a question of much controversy. Come conventional people claim that it is waste of time as literacy is enough for them to have a good life. However, other people, myself included, totally agree that being computer literate is essential as it not only enhance knowledge but also gain promotions.

To begin with, it is obvious that computers dominate the world with every passing day. It not only affects people's personal life but also their work aspects. For instance, more and more people access to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, so if people desire to join in those activities, computer skills is the one of the first thing they need to know. Similarly, when people apply for a job, knowing how to use a computer is one of basic skills that company require. Therefore, if people do not have computer literacy, it is hard for them to seek a job.

We should also recognize the fact that both learners and workers have benefits as they know computer skills. As a learner, they are able to type all the long assignments which can be up to 5000 words instead of writing on paper. Apart from it, for learners who do not have a chance to sit in a classroom, knowing how to use computer will help them broaden the horizon by another method which is the participation in online courses. Regarding workers, as virtual offices replace physical ones, they will work with computer rather than paper and pen.

Admittedly, it could also be said that writing, reading and maths are the fundamental to enrich knowledge, especially maths. It plays a vital role in normal life as it nurtures people's logical and critical thinking. However, I still stand by what I said since in a digital era, if people are not a computer- literate, they will not able to land a decent job as well as connect with the surrounding world.

To sum up, even though writing, reading and maths are three recognized important subject, computer skills could be considered as an essential branch of education system in order to equip youngster to face the modern world.

Holt - / 7,530 2001  
Aug 23, 2017   #2
@Nhu Tran When you write your paraphrased statement, it would be best if you do so with a clear tone and a message that better depicts the original prompt. Take for instance, the way that you indicated that the discussion about the 4th subject is "... a question of controversy...". There is nothing in the original prompt that indicates that there is any controversy involving the topic. Rather, it indicates that it is a question that is being "discussed" in some academic circles. Therefore, the sentence should have been represented as, "... a much discussed topic" or "the addition of computers as a fourth subject is being considered." If no debate, controversy, or argument is being indicated in the prompt, then a level tone of sane discussion must be used instead.

With regards to the method by which you indicated your agreement with the topic, it is always best to have you state your opinion as a separate sentence because it is required as a part of the thesis statement at the end of the opening paragraph. As such, your discussion of particular information in the opening statement was misplaced. It is never acceptable to begin the discussion of the topic in the opening statement as establishing facts have yet to be provided to the reader which would create a sense of accuracy once the personal opinion is presented.

Your second paragraph needs to be better developed. In all paragraphs, it is best that you deliver only one or two connected ideas for discussion development. That way the topic and the reasons are better threshed out and as such, allow you to aim for a higher TA, LR, and GRA score. Meet the 5 sentence requirement per paragraph by using only one topic and one supporting reason and your score will surely be better.

The summation in the closing paragraph could have been better represented. You discussed 3 continuous ideas in one sentence, leading to only one simple sentence consideration. Writing 3 subjective sentences would have created an opportunity to for more complex sentence presentations and higher GRA considerations when compared to a single, interconnected thought sentence. The interconnected thoughts are only done so through the use of a comma when a full stop with a period and then starting a new sentence would have had a better impact on the reader.

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