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TOPIC:- Crime is a problem all over the world, crime prevention will make no difference.

chinkybehl22 10 / 25 4  
Nov 17, 2017   #1
TOPIC:- Crime is a problem all over the world. Some believe that crime prevention will make no difference, others disagree. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

ways to reduce the criminal activities

Nowadays, crime is a serious issue across all parts of the world. Some people think that preventive e measures can control criminal activities. However, there are a few who are not in an agreement with this thought. This essay will discuss both the views followed by my opinion.

Preventive actions, like efficient security system, strict and inevitable punishments against any unlawful activities, etc. will lower down the frequency of criminal activities. People would develop a sense of fear and restrict themselves to commit crime. It has been observed that the crime rate is subsequently lower in the countries where there are strict rules and punishments against the criminals as compared to other countries. Moreover, advanced safety measures, like installation of CCTV cameras, screening of people in public places, patrolling of police officers at crowded places etc. will prohibit people to indulge in any malpractices. As a result, the crime rate will be reduced, leading to a secure environment.

However, there are a few who think that the preventive measures will not have any significant impact in controlling the criminal activities. They feel that no controls can stop a mentally-ill person to commit a crime. As these people lack an understanding between good and bad things. They unintentionally indulge themselves in the criminal activities without realizing its consequences. Moreover, people after consuming drugs tend to lose control over their senses resulting in unlawful activities which lead to dreadful outcomes.

In my opinion, although there are some unintentional criminal activities for which there are limited control mechanism, proactive measures should be put in place as it will lower down the crime rate to a large extent. Henceforth, providing a safe place for individuals.

To conclude, preventive controls, like proactive safety measures, stringent punishment will drastically reduce the criminal activities around the world.
Ridho Kodel 3 / 7 2  
Nov 17, 2017   #2
... unlawful activities, etc." (I hope your intention to use etc. is to imply that the the reader already knows the rest of the set it is referring to, not, as it is so often used, as a placeholder for an undefined set. (Note that etc. is fine to use when referring to an infinite set, which is, by definition, a known set.)

... bad things. , They ...
E.g. As he is on holiday [reason], it is not possible to get his signature on the letter. [situation]

I only find a minor revision in grammar, overall is nice.


Home / Writing Feedback / TOPIC:- Crime is a problem all over the world, crime prevention will make no difference.
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