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Essay topic: Developments in the field of artificial intelligence - a positive impact for the future

Huyhuynh2001 1 / -  
Mar 23, 2019   #1

intelligent machines - opportunities vs risks

Artificial intelligence is believed to rapidly develop and exert tremendous effects on our future lives. However, some individual are concerned about the future in which smart machines outsmart human kind. While A.I has been improving and positively affecting our society, I would argue that it is possible that computer can probably be wiser than us.

On the one hand, the invention of artificial intelligence has been significantly beneficial for human nowadays and undoubtedly in the near future. Firstly, smart robots programmed are commonly multitasking that I can do various work at once. Therefore, entrepreneurs can earn more profits by using intelligent machinery production system instead of recruiting employees. Secondly, computers could replace human in some severe work conditions. For example, scientists have sent thousands of smart devices to other planets in order to carry out various project that people can hardly do such as analysing the air or soil in there.

On the other hand, computer's brilliance causes people's fear about the future human being. It is thought that unemployment rate, and job competitiveness would soar up if organizations reduce hiding worker and take advantage of machines instead. The ideal may be reasonable because computers have ability to work nonstop and hardly mistaken while some people may disqualified for their position . moreover, that modern citizens overuse and depend greatly on computers results in sedentary habit or even the degradation of human brain. So the development of those devices may pose a threat to human kind.

As far as I am concerned, while intelligent machines would improve our lives in the future, the potential risks of such technologies should be taken into consideration.
Constance [Contributor] - / 19 9  
Mar 23, 2019   #2
In paragraph one - some individuals... A.I. ....I would argue that the computer can be wiser than humans.

In paragraph two - beneficial for humans today...... commonly multitasking performing many tasks simulteneously. ... Secondly, computers could replace humans....various projects that people find challenging to include analysing the air or soil.

In paragraph three - computer's intelligence causes people's to fear losing jobs. Remove the word up after soar....computers have the ability to work continually without making mistakes... after the word position place the punctuation of a period and capitalize the word moreover and remove the word that

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