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TOPIC: what can be done to encourage young people to become responsible members of society

Chu 1 / -  
Dec 24, 2018   #1
TOPIC: what can be done to encourage young people to become responsible members of society?

This is my essay

Teaching kids responsible behaviors

Responsibility is one of the most necessary personalities of each person. The common question is 'how to encourage young people to become responsible members of society'. The responsibility of young people is a popular term that we have to care about. In my personal opinion, I have three solutions to solve that issue.

The contribution of both teachers and parents can help young people become better at having responsible behaviors. It means that they will let young people make decisions about which behaviors are acceptable/which is acceptable behavior. In schools, teachers could draw up a contract with the children in the class. It needs to be revised periodically. Doing this way would discourage children from using misbehaviors as a means of expressing their independence.

When young people fail in their life, instead of finding solutions for them, parents and teachers should guide, support or give them advice so that they can come over the failure by themselves. It is time for young people to learn to take on responsibility on their own.

Secondly, young people should be taught leadership skills by joining organizations such as the Scouts. It provides opportunities for trying being a leader to have better understandings of the difficulties involved. This could encourage them to cooperate more easily with authority figures and have responsibility for what they have decided. As a result, they would become a real leader who would significantly contribute to the country's development.

One measure that governments should take is to issue laws on military obligations for eighteen-year-old citizens. This duty would let them be aware that they are the generations who would take on the burdens of preserving the country's border.

In conclusion, both families and society wish their nation to be full of responsible residents. Although it takes us quite a long time, those approaches mentioned above would be helpful to make the dream come true.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,025 2715  
Dec 26, 2018   #2
Chin, for starters, it would be best if you learn how to paraphrase the original prompt rather than simply placing the full prompt in quotation marks. If you prove that you can restate the prompt in your own words, then you can prove that you have applicable English comprehension skills and enough of a vocabulary to allow yourself to express ideas in different ways.

Now the overall problem that I see with this essay is that you are not offering ways by which adolescent and young adults can be enticed to become young members of society. Instead, you are telling the reader who the people responsible for creating mature young people are. The essay is not about enumerating the responsibilities of parents and teachers when it comes to encouraging responsible behaviors. Rather, the essay is asking you to indicate how young people can be encouraged to responsibly participate in society.

The methods why which the youngsters can be encouraged could be anywhere from encouraging them to make their own decisions and guiding them towards the right decision, allowing adolescents to learn from their mistakes, etc. Through these actions, a young adult is made to analyze his decisions and its aftermath, be it good or bad. In the process, they learn to become responsible members of society.

Before you write an essay, analyze the requirements first. Make sure you understand what is required of your discussion and present it accordingly. If you are enrolled in a class, then ask the teacher questions. If you are studying alone, then look at how the essay has been written by others online before you write your own response. That way you have a better idea of what to present and also, gain valuable writing advice based on the lessons of others for application in your own. That will result in a better written essay on your part.

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