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Writing IELTS Task2: Topic Food products. Imported or local?

nguyensonhdtk94 1 / 1  
Mar 24, 2017   #1
In many countries, more and more people choose to buy imported food rather than food produced locally. Why people buy imported food? What could be done to encourage people to buy local food?

The consumption of domestic or foreign goods?

Nowadays, consumers are more likely to make a food products from foreign countries choice than domestic ones. While there are various reasons for this trend, some initiatives could be taken to increase buyer's demand for local food.

There are two mains reasons, in my opinion, why an increasing number of people tend to purchasing food imports. Firstly, the development of international trade has become easier for purchasers to access to foreign food products. As a result, they can choose between several products and find the one they like the most. Secondly, consumers would prefer purchasing food imports because of their quality. When foods are being imported, their quality is always checked an

d only the best products end up on the globe market so this would help the buyers could believe in quality of imported food. In Vietnam, for example, importing agricultural products must undergo testing and also include expiration dates, and food safety standards.

The government should take some measures to boosting the consumption of domestic commodities effectively. The first solution is that government could impose a higher tax on the importation to reduce the demand. By raising tax, people's pockets are affected directly, thus they would increase their desire for more indigenous food. On an individual level, food manufacturing companies should assure their consumption of food that is higher for fresh, natural and organic products. In other words, if a supplier tried to sell healthier food, people would show more willingness to increase their spending on the local foods.

In conclusion, the causes for consumers' change of preference for food are varied; and government and producers could do a lot to promote them to buy local products.


Holt [Contributor] - / 8,796 2609  
Mar 24, 2017   #2
Nguyen, your opening statement falls short of the examiner's expectations. You failed to properly develop the paragraph by showing a clear paraphrasing of the prompt and the outline for the discussion. Your short, 2 sentence presentation does not effectively introduce the upcoming discussion. Next time, make sure to review the prompt requirements against your opening statement. Ensure that all of the required elements are represented properly and that the discussion outline is clear. By the way, you don't need to place a period between paragraphs. A simple line break using the enter key will be sufficient. You could lose points for misplaced punctuation marks. Just write the essay as you would normally write a paper for school.

Your line of reasoning is appropriate and informs the reader in a proper manner. There are definite problems with the grammar that has a definite effect on your grammar range score but the fact that the meaning somehow comes across clearly helps to improve your score in that section. However, your concluding statement is a different case.

A concluding statement just simply be a summation of the discussion. That said, your conclusion must represent the prompt discussion requirements, your reasons, and then your suggestions for how to solve the problem. It should also have a minimum of 3 sentences, like the opening statement. So your final paragraph was not able to help boost your essay in terms of the final score. I think you won't get higher than a 5 for this essay.
OP nguyensonhdtk94 1 / 1  
Mar 24, 2017   #3
Thank you very much for your comment. I will try next time to do better.

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