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Topic 3: Any form of education other than co-education...

Sophie 5 / 5  
Jun 5, 2008   #1
Topic 3: Any form of education other than co-education is simply unthinkable do you agree or disagree?

While it is claim that some parents choose to impose such abnormal conditions on their children-the condition which they themselves wouldn't put up with for one minute, others believe that children from segregated schools have greater self-confidence when they leave school. This essay will analyze some of the benefits for co-educational system.

First of all, any discussion about this topic must question the aims of education. Pupils go to school to gain knowledge. Moreover, the cheif aim of education is to equip future citizens for adult society. Now our society is made up of men and women,so how can the segregated shools offer a right sort of preparation for pupils?Anyone enter the real society after years of segregation may only be in for a shock.

Secondly, boys and girls have been learning together because they have given the opportunities to know each other. A co-educational school offer children nothing less than a true version society. Students are able to compare each other in academic and athletic abilities and many of the extracurricular activities which are part of school life.

The further point is that co-educational schools encourage healthy attitudes to life. Boys don't grow up believing that women are airy goddesses. Girls also don't grow up imagining that men are romentic heroes in mythology or in movies. A majority of psychologis ague that physical and emotional adolescence best overcome in co-educational environment.Segregated schools sometimes provide the right conditions for sexual deviation. This is hardly possible in co-educational system.

In conclusion, I feel strongly that when the time comes for the pupils to leave school, they are fully prepared to enter the real society as well-adjusted adults. They have already had years of experience to solve problems that they face men and women.

Pls help me to corect grammar...If you think that words I use is not good,and You have many better. Pls share to me.I would like to get 7.5 IELTS. Thanks

EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Jun 5, 2008   #2
Good afternoon.

Over 25% of this essay is plagairized from .enfang.com/english/2006-04/107.htm; as this site is copyrighted, I can only advise you to go back and rewrite the copied sections in your own words.

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OP Sophie 5 / 5  
Jun 6, 2008   #3
Thank you your advise, I read ideas from the book in library,I don't know this book is copyrighted from this website. Thank your so much, I will think and learn,write my essay from my own words.

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