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TOPIC: The graph below shows the number of overseas visitors (in thousands) to three different area

Wangne 1 / -  
Aug 3, 2022   #1

Graph description task

The line graph illustrates the quality of abroad travelers go to three different kinds of religions in a European country in 20 years period beginning in 1987

Overall, the number of people who visit the coast, mountains and lakes climbed together. However, the line between coast and mountains was still dramatical volatility.

In 1987, the index of three kinds of zones the the coast, mountains and lakes have 40, 20, and 10 thousands citizens, perspective. Five years later, the number of overseas traveling characters go to the coast had slightly decreased, 5% approximately. In contrast, the mountains and lakes one rose to 25%.

In 2002, the plenty of foreign dwellers who visit to the lakes had dramatically increased three times higher than 1992's figure. But it fell quite sharp to 50% in 2007. According to the index of the coast and lakes line in 2007, it showed that former climbed sharply to reach a highest ranking by 35% and the latter had slightly rose to 35%, accounted for the third ranking
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4652  
Aug 3, 2022   #2
The essay will get a failing score due to the poor writing abilities of the writer. He has obvious problems with word choice and thus, word usage. He is using improper vocabulary throughout the essay which affects the clarity and accuracy of his analysis and reporting presentation. These problems, when combined, leave the writer withh a failing GRA score because his report is not comprehensible to the reader. The difficulty in understanding his work will cause a non-passing C+C score as well. the paragraphs are neither cohesive nor coherent at this point. The analysis also lacks references to the overlapping points in the graph that represent certains instances of equal visitor count for certain sectors. The writer must focus on improving his vocabulary at this point because that is the aspect that affects his overall scoring ability.

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