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An Essay on the topic: Mistakes are always part of learning

Joey351 1 / 1  
Oct 25, 2017   #1
Okay first, this may be called my first attempt in doing an essay... the topic is: Mistakes are always part of learning, and itssupposed to be argumentative, 350 words. I am not sure myself if this can be called essay at all... but oh well, I'm looking forward for opinions and finding out if its atleast close.

Mistakes are always part of learning

People are bound to make mistakes, its simply inevitable, being prepared beforehand may help a bit, but at the end you cannot fully predict what may happen. It's just how it goes,people naturally cannot foretell with certainty what's going to happen or how things will turn out. Mistakes are one impending chunk of life, whereas positive or negative, it would all depend on many factors.

Mistakes are sort of a way to learn, but for one to learn from a mistake one has to admit his mistake first.It may sound easy, admit your mistake and be done with it, but that may not exactly be the case. For some people admitting their mistake would mean they are inferior or incompetent, that may come up with a major blow to their ego and even their mental state.Take for example a grand scientist with lots of titles and even a nobel prize, but lets a random mistake slip-by unnoticed and after time, some minor assistant-character finds that exact mistake, how would the grand scientist that has uncountable amount of prizes feel? Probably would not pay much attention to it, but what if that scientist has superb ego, looking at everyone with disdain thinking everyone is beneath?

Mistakes wont necessarily result in a successfull lesson as it would depend on the person, everyone is different, some may comprehend what went wrong, and then find the flaw in their doings and incarcerate it, whilst others may simply let go of it and never come back to think for a moment, what possibly went wrong and how could they edify from the mistake.

There are tons of types of mistakes, some are from ignorance, have you ever put a fork or a spoon in the microwave as a kid? others from boredom or laziness, trying to hasten the period of work so after the job is done you can just go away and take a nap or do plain laziness.

Another type of mistakes are the systematic mistakes, they are carved deep into your being, they are also arguably the most frustrating mistakes, hardest to overcome mistakes.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,698 3502  
Oct 25, 2017   #2
Hi Joey, I have to say, you are too hard on yourself. The mere fact that you were able to write all these words and use them in paragraph form already means that you were able to write an essay. You actually developed a pretty good discussion based on the topic you were given. You had insightful information to share and you kept track of what you wanted to focus on throughout the paragraph presentations. Good job! Now, while the formatting and sentence structures have some problems (needing to divide the paragraphs into topics, extremely long sentences that should have been presented in shorter sentence for better presentation and understanding, to name but a few), it doesn't erase the fact that this can be considered a successful attempt at writing an essay. You just need to practice more and develop confidence when it comes to using the essay to present your voice pertaining to a discussion. Not bad at all. I look forward to reading your upcoming essays.
OP Joey351 1 / 1  
Oct 25, 2017   #3
Thanks a lot mate! So it isn't as bad as I thought it to be, thats a good thing to hear.I will give my utmost to try to absorb what you told me :) thanks for the pointers again!
just_writer 24 / 42 5  
Oct 25, 2017   #4
Here are some corrections,

it is simply inevitable
successful (Typo)
after the job is done, you can
after a time OR after times

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