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TOEFL topic: which one do you prefer? studying alone or studying with a teacher.

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Jan 2, 2014   #1
People have different ideas about either studying alone or studying with a teacher, which entirely depend on one's personality and determination. I would personally rather to study alone for two main reasons. First, self-studying is more challenging and engaging. Second, it confers more control over timing.

The most important point to take into account is that self-studying makes an individual more actively involved in the study process, since he has to understand and analyze the materials by himself. He knows that he has to overcome his problems on his own, and this itself makes him much keener on his studies. Self-studying challenges the person to approach the answers from different angles, find them by trial and error method, or research more by using other study sources such as the Internet. Moreover, it demands more energy and creativeness evoking one's instinctive talents and mental abilities. When someone studies on his own, he intellectually pushes himself to clarify the subject for himself, which is very good for the development of his general brain abilities. For example, back to bachelor education time, we had a tough course. Nobody, including me, could comprehend it. So I decided to study it on my own. I toiled for one week trying to solve the chapter's final questions without any help from others, and I made it. I learned a lot from my failures during many attempts that I made to find the correct answers, and I got the top grade in the class which was far better than others'.

Second, studying alone helps us control our study schedule and pace according to our personal learning capacities, and our optimum leaning time as well. Some people learn well early in the morning, while others do more efficiently during night. Moreover, some can continuously focus on the subject for more than one hour, while others need frequent breaks. Everybody is aware of his own study habits, so he can adapt his study plan to these habits, and get the most out of it. For instance, I have noticed that I am more concentrated on the study issue early in the morning, so I try to use these hours more. However, I do not think any teacher would accept to teach at six a.m.

In conclusion, I prefer to study alone because I think this way we study more actively, and we plan our time more effectively. Although learning from a teacher has its own benefits, I would like to depend on my own.

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Jan 4, 2014   #2
I would personally rather to study alone for two main reasons.

... wrong grammar :(
I would personally prefer to study under a teacher's guidance rather than studying alone for two main reasons.

The most important point to ...

This body paragraph seems to be too lengthy and I am sure it would not be going to help you at the exam. What you should have done was, tell the reason in the first sentence and then give one specific example to support that. Remember, time is a very important factor in this task. If you run out of time to complete your essay, then it'll affect your overall score.
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Jan 4, 2014   #3
I wonder if it is persuasive when using personal experience as an example.
In my opinion, we should not oversue it.
But, the problem here is that it is really difficult to find an objective example in this topic. I suggest that you look for more objective examples about the topic on the internet when writing an essay. It will help you a lot when taking the real test.
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Jan 4, 2014   #4
There is no harm in using personal experiences in TOEFL essays as examples and in fact they would help you convince the reader better. However, this essay needs structural improvements.

This body paragraph seems to be too lengthy.

Pahan is right about that point. In the body paragraphs, you are expected to justify your position by giving reasons as you why you hold that opinion. Then you should give specific examples (you can have personal experiences too) support your reasoning.
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Jan 6, 2014   #5
I appreciate your help... (everyone who left a comment)

Dear Duminda

Actually, I am trying to follow one of many essay's outlines (I found it on the Internet, and it differs a little from yours), and I am forcing myself to make some of my passive words and structures active, by more using them. I know, it makes essay look a little bit strange...it is very difficult and boring, too. In addition, finding a great hook is really challenging for me.

I would be grateful if you mention some of sentences that need structure improvement, and tell if I have any other option to get more fluent...

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