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Topic:"Why do we need to read books"

Today, there are many clubs for some readers, for every who loves books or wants to read books. But have you ever asked somebody that why we need to read books? Before answer this question, why don't you find out what are the benefits of reading books. Let's check it out.

First, reading books helps you to widen your general knowledge. Nowadays, the world is changing every single day, every single night and turns around on a time wheel.All things you learn at school are all enough? No! everything you learn at school just a general education. At school, teacher can not teach thoroughly for you just in one class. So you need to read books to improve yourself. Knowledge is unlimited and you are standing between the world of education. Reading books also helps us to remember clearly about the situation or the unit you have learned at school. For example, in biology, at school, we learned about animals 's habits and when read books, you can understand more about animals world, or in chemistry, you can understand clearly about chemicals or atomic. In the other side, the world has a lot of books, maybe a thousand or a billion. So we can choose books with different topics for reading. Some people like romantic books. But some people love science, like me. in science book, you can know more about the wide world outside your imaginary. You can learn more abot animals, the situations about us.

Second, reading books helps you to understand how is the world inside people. Many books have a lot of stories about family, relationship, friendship or maybe about love. From that, we can learn more about the inside world of people. For instance, nobody's boy written by hector malot is a novel talking about a boy has no family go every with an old men to perform juggling with three dogs. A novel is a present about love between two people in a small family.

Finally, reading books helps us to relax, feel every moment times with your books. There are many books are published to attend for entertainment like doraemon, Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter or some books make you to be sunk in the adventures, unreal world like pendragon or Indiana Jones. Reading is fun.

You can see. Reading books is an important way to step on step on your life. You can see the world, listen to the world. Your life will be more suitable.

Is this your Common App main essay? If so, than you should make it more about you. The admissions officers want to know more about you; it comes across as a research paper, which is not what it's supposed to be.
Jan 2, 2012   #4
Good readers are good leaders.books have a way of providing us with infos.and without these infos we wuld no litle or nothing about the world in which we live in.information is power and books contain these infos.pick a book today empower your self

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