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Topic is "Science, not art or literature must be taught at universities" do you agree or not?

Science at the expense of art and literature in universities?

Education is considered as one of the most important things in our life. It makes students live in a world full of information and creativity. Some subject such as art and literature have influence their thoughts and believes, while others such as science help them discover many things about the world. Science, art and literature must be taught at universities.

Undoubtedly, teaching science as a subject at universities has many benefits. One of these benefits is that science gives students information about the world we live in. It helps them discover more scientific details of various natural phenomena. By way of illustration, without science it is impossible to know the answers of how and why earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods are happening. In addition, science allows students to become much smarter and intelligent. It leads them to think and to use their brain power. For instance, it is scientifically proved that almost all the students who have never studied science think in a passive way and rely more on memorizing things by heart rather than analyzing them logically. All in all, science must be the only subject to be taught at universities.

However,we need literature and art to be taught at universities as well. Literature and art help students to develop their thinking skills as well as encouraging them to think deeply and share their thoughts with each other. As a case in point, when students read Romeo and Juliet's story ,each one of them will have his point of view on the story, what is even better is that they have the opportunity to share their thoughts with each other. Additionally, literature and art give students freedom to think without limits, a chance to live in a world of imagination .To illustrate, Students can write their own stories in which they use their imagination. In brief, Literature and art have a big value in our studies and our life in general.

Undeniably, students at universities must study science,art and literature. Each one of these subjects completes the other. Namely, from science ,students learn how humans are born , and from art and literature they will learn how humans can be independent and see life from different perspective. In addition, when students have knowledge in science, art and literature together, it will provide them with great privileges. A lot of great writers and painters were men of science. As an illustration, Issac Asimov was an American author as well as a professor of biochemistry at Boston University .To conclude , as much as we need science, we also need art and literature in our education system.

Indeed , science, art and literature are one of the most important subjects to be taught at universities. Each one of them has its benefits. teaching these three subjects at universities has proven beneficial for students . When students study all these subjects ,they will develop a sense of creativity, and they will get more intelligent.

Your essay is decent except for a few things that I noticed.
"For instance, it is scientifically proved that almost all the students..." .. I would replace "proved" with "proven"
I am confused as to why you ended the second paragraph saying science should be the only subject to be taught when your main point was that all three subjects are important. Also, I would consider revising the first sentence of your conclusion from, "Indeed , science, art and literature are one of the most important subjects to be taught at universities." to, "Science, art, and literature are some of the most important subjects to be taught at universities."
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Hajar, first of all, you will need to learn how to develop more interesting titles for your posts other than just paraphrasing the prompt questions. Users here have been banned for not using creative titles for their posts. I hope you will be able to come up with a more creative title with your next new thread. I would hate to see you get banned on such a simple technicality. Now, about your essay...

When you are asked to agree or disagree with a statement being made in the prompt, you must reflect that in your opening statement. The opinion that you will be supporting, whether in support of or not in support of the topic, is the whole point of your essay discussion. You state your opinion then support it with facts or experiences from your own life or knowledge. In this case, you should have presented information in the first paragraph that clearly indicates that you support a variation of the prompt proposal due to a number of reasons. Those reasons, would create the succeeding paragraphs in your essay as you have those sections developed now.

Failure to properly address the prompt requirement in the opening statement will result in a lower Task Accuracy score for you in the actual test. Don't leave anything to chance. Always make sure that you represent all of the prompt requirements in the opening statement. That is the most critical part of your essay.

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