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In this topic, the speaker talks about the idea of mastery and mind

Aris05 31 / 24 1  
Sep 27, 2016   #1
In this topic, the speaker would talk about the idea of mastery and mind. He said that nowadays many people have a trouble with mathematic since they do not understand about that lesson accumulated in their learning. For instance, when getting algebra, students have many gaps in their knowladge because they are not able to grasp the lesson. This case happens as the result of tradtional academic model which point to exponent and assignment each day. Afterward they would get a regular test. The students have artificially constrained their knowladge and take the trouble of identifying those gaps. On the other hand, the concept of mastery learning is oppsite. It prefer to fix the time and duration to learn something. Thus, the model will help students to understand exponents and reinforce their mindset. They are able to master concept of lesson while building the mindset as well. It means that the students will have a strong perseverance to learn. Instead of focusing in the lecture, the class can be more active when student can interact and share their knowledge to deepen their material.
wew018 - / 20 9  
Sep 27, 2016   #2
Hi @Aris05

The essay has a lot of power and I can feel it. There are some points that I got captivated but because of these issues I have noticed, I felt off at that time. So, please consider some of the corrections I have made to make your essay more persuasive and captivating. Overall, it is indeed good.

would talk about > had talked about
This should be in a past perfect tense meaning the action was completed at some point in the past.

mathematic > Mathematics
This is a proper noun so make sure it is capitalized.

knowladge > knowledge
Just be careful on your spelling.

It prefer to fix the time > It prefers to fix the time
Remember, Subject Verb Agreement :)

Good luck @Aris05 and I hope I can read more of your works.

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