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Topic: studying abroad & studying in Viet Nam

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Sep 6, 2012   #1
Some people would like to attend universities in VN while others love studying abroad. Although both studying abroad or studying in VN satisfy a thirty of knowledge of students as well as those universities supply students a degree of bachelor, there are some differences between them in terms of expenses, living and studying environment and chances of students to find good jobs after graduating from university.

The most different is expenses. One point is sure that fee of university abroad is more expensive than in Vietnam. For example, fee of one year in local university including two semesters is about 2-3 million VND (approximately 80-100 USD) while it costs thousands dollars in American or English Universities. Moreover, the expense will increase so much when living in a foreign country especially developed countries. Because you must rent a room or spend money on food which is so expensive than your country. In short, the expenses of commodation and fee is the biggest different between studying in University abroad and University locally.

Another difference is living environment. All seem to be so familiar with people in their country from direction, language to food. On the contrary, language is one biggest of barriers. Initially, students will find it so difficult and embarrassed in a new environment, and must take a long time to adapt themselves to foreign countries' culture and tradition as well as to try to integrate in that community. For instance, people must learn the way to share a department or make friends which are completely different from your local country. Even though people maybe find it uneasy to acquainted with food and climate in another country. All in all, living environment is a disadvantage of foreign students.

The thirth remarkable different is studying environment. In fact, curriculums of universties in Vietnam almost are the same which are occupied by theory in majority. Students rarely have chances of practice. And learning time of students must sit on desks at the class leads to make them become passive students. On the contrary, abroad students spend so much time on practice and themselves studying. Moreover, they must read so many kinds of book and the most outstanding of universities abroad is modern curriculums helping them be active students.

Finally, abroad students find it easy to get good jobs with high salary after graduating from universities aborad. While there are still many local students find it hard to get a appropriate job. In reality, companies and enterprises always like to seek employees with their valuable degree of bachelor even though that candidates graduated from a trivial universities abroad.

In conclusion, whether people study in university abroad or not, people also must try to improve their knowledge and work so hard to get good certificates. To me, I prefer studying in university abroad to local one because of its advantages. This aim of essay help students make a decision for choosing where they should study in less complicated

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