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Topic: Young people read few books. What are the reasons for this problem and what can be done it?

dhue1998 1 / -  
Apr 15, 2019   #1

reading books is becoming less common

In recent years, there is a significant decrease in reading books of the young. This essay will discuss the main factors of reading less and possible solutions to this problem.

To begin with, there are two main reasons why young people read few books. Firstly, they are too busy, so they do not have an excess of free time. Today, people are under pressure of earning money, face heavy load of work all day, even when going home. Therefore, they could be exhausted and do not want to do anything. If they need to search the information, they will surf the Internet instead of gaining from the books. Secondly, a lot of things are considered to be more interesting than reading books when technology develops. For instance, the youngster are attracted by kinds of entertainment tools such as games, films, social networks and so on. They spend much time enjoying these in place of reading books because they feel comfortable. As a result, the number of young readers gradually decrease significantly.

Some possible solutions to this issue are raise awareness of readers and quality planning. Firstly, the youngster also should be educated about the aims and merits of reading books to undertake voluntarily. Because when they really understand the benefits of reading reads, they will change their habits to spend more time on this. They should build a perfect plan to save the free time such as: reading in bus, during short breaks and so on. Equally important, the schools, libraries should have several kinds of books which are suitable and charming to the teen. Moreover, finding a reading - friend is a good idea. They can read one book together and share knowledge which they have gained. In this way, reading books will become more meaningful and exciting.

In conclusion, there are some reasons why reading books is becoming less common in today's world, and solutions should be done early to increase the number of readers come back with books.

Maria [Contributor] - / 382 184  
Apr 15, 2019   #2
I would firstly recommend that you watch out for your usage of the definitive article the. There were instances wherein you should have placed it but failed to do so - and, on the contrary, you were also placing it in places wherein you did not necessarily need to.

In relation to this, I would revise your first paragraph as:
The recent years have witnessed a significant decrease of young people reading books. This essay will discuss the factors that led to this and the possible solutions to the problem.

Notice how I had shifted around your wordings to have a better structure. Furthermore, I had also ensured that your usage of articles is better through targeting which portions need a the and which portions do not. For formality purposes, I had placed a the before possible solutions. If you reread it, it should appear a bit more put-together than what you have previously constructed.

I would also recommend that you watch out for your usage of quantifiers or countable(s) (few, fewer, fewest). Notice how in your second paragraph, you were merely saying that young people read few books whereas the main issue of the essay wants you tackle the lessening (hence why it is supposed to be fewer) of the reading of said material. These small mistakes are mostly technical that have to be grasped.

You should also watch out for the formatting of your verbs. When you are composing your texts, it is only right that you maintain the basic rules. For instance, when you're integrating multiple verbs in one sentence, you should always make sure that you implement the same format all throughout.

Let's look at the third sentence of your second paragraph. We should instead phrase it as:
People nowadays are under the pressure to earn money, hence why they face heavy work load everyday even as they go home.
Doing this can give your essay more direction and structure because it follows through with the conventions of writing. Notice how I also altered specific parts such as putting everyday instead of all day to articulate in a more formal manner.

You should watch out for your usage verbs that do not quite fit with the structure of your essay.
We can observe this in the second sentence of your third paragraph wherein it should have been:
Firstly, young people should be educated about the merits of reading books for them to voluntarily partake in it.
Notice how instead of using the word youngster, I replaced it with a more formal word (young people). You can also observe how I had omitted aims considering that you had already mentioned a synonymous word (merits). Lastly, because undertake voluntarily seemed out of place in this text, I had replaced it with voluntarily partaking considering that a present participle is more warranted in this case.

You can apply these techniques all throughout your essay.
Best of luck.

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