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IELTS - topics on the contributions of technology to human life

monkey_forever 1 / 1  
Sep 2, 2011   #1
In the last century, the first man walking on the moon said: "It is a giant leap for mankind". However, some people think it makes little difference to our daily lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree? [a recent question in IELTS ]

I really hope that someone with experience can give me a rough banding.

It was such a technological breakthrough for the first man , Neil Armstrong landing on the moon that everybody was in a state of euphoria - after all, nobody could have imagined the feasibility of exploring the outer space. It occurred to man that an era of technological advances has been reached.

The "footsteps" on the moon embarked on extensive investigation into the universe. Subsequent installation of satellites enables human beings to transmit radio waves across continents, thus allowing football buffs to watch overseas football matches. Plus, having set up the space station , astronauts are becoming increasingly devoted to carrying out experiments in the laboratory so that they can deepen the understanding of the components of other planets. It is rumored that some experiments also involve the technique of genetically modified food which could prevent the food shortage crisis. What is more, the initial launch to the moon opened the door to migration to other planets, say the Mars, as a result of the Earth being polluted to an irreversible extent. It would be inconceivable if the outer space did not exist - man's living standard would slip a few notches.

It is quite true that in narrow sense the act of moon landing does not have much to do with an ordinary person's life, as scientific research programs in the moon were too superior to them ; however, things cannot just be considered at face value.

The profound significance of moon landing is that a milestone for human progress has been established , urging people to make a difference to the world. Stretching the boundaries for the previously-thought "incapability to conquer the outer space" , human beings both well justify their boundless ability and encourage their counterparts to move with the times. It should be acknowledged that without the determination to realize the rocket dream , life would not be such a bowl of cherries - the innovation to invent portable gadgets like i-phone and i-pad would have gone for instance.

All things considered, the first man walking on the moon was a really distinctive mark on the page of human history in both actual and symbolic meaning.

shahdad 7 / 17  
Sep 2, 2011   #2
I had an IELTS exam on 13 of August and the topic was the same,I got 6. But, I think your conclusion need to expand. I named 3 things,modify the robots, rockets and our information about the space.
OP monkey_forever 1 / 1  
Sep 2, 2011   #3
Yes , this question should be adopted from an August exam .

Shouldn't the conclusion be short enough ?

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