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johnle29 4 / 9  
Feb 4, 2020   #1

the bart chart presentation

The chart below shows the proportions of the world's oil resources held in different areas, together with the proportions consumed annually in the same areas.

The bar chart compares different regions around the world in terms of oil resources and average consumption each year.

It is evident that oil resources and comsumption vary widely worldwide with Middle East possessing the majority of oil resource while most of oil consumed in US and Asia. By contrast, Australia and New Zealand hold the lowest percentage of oil resources and consumption

A striking 56% of world oil resources is made up by countries in Middle Easet, which is four times as large as that of Canada, the country having the second highest amount of global oil, at 14,81%. The percentage of Central South America, Eastern Eruope and Africa is only half that figure for each one. With regared to the remaining areas, the oil resources they have, in combination, account for well below 10% of world oil reservoir.

Turning to global annual oil consumption, the highest figures belong to Asia with 26.21% of the amount of oil consumed, followed closely behind by America, at 25,48%. Meanwhile, the proportions of oil used in other regions vary in the range of 1% to around 7%, except for Western Europe. These European countries utilized nearly a fifth of world annual oil consumption.

I am quite concerned about the number and quality of some comparisons.
I hope you guys can give me some advice on them
And if possible, can you tell me which band can I achieve with this essay?

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,343 2877  
Feb 4, 2020   #2
The foremost concern I have with this essay is the fact that you did not bother to spellcheck your presentation. Do not hurry when writing and reviewing your draft. Remember that all mistakes count as point deductions in every applicable area. In this case, you have 4 spelling errors in the forms of comsumtion = consumption, Easet = East, Eruope = Europe, and regared = regard. These mistakes add up to deductions in your LR score. While you do need to watch the clock, you also need to be conscious of your writing style and allow for editing minutes towards the end of your essay. Deductions in all aspects of your writing could result in a detrimental score in the end.

Now, with that error forgotten, and focusing only on the essay that you wrote, I would say that you scored close to, if not a 5 with this work. You understood most of the chart, tried to vary your presentation, and presented the information as clearly as you could. You did a good job based on your current English writing skills. If you do not second guess yourself and learn to build your confidence, you will do very well later on.

Remember, you will only fail in this test if you clearly do not understand the task requirement and fail to transmit the information in a clear manner. You have managed to make yourself understood so far and you have not missed too much of the information presentation in a manner that would affect the clarity of the presentation. You just need more practice.

If you feel that this type of presentation is where you do the least well, then do more practice exercises in this type of presentation. Do that until such a time that you are confident in writing information from these type of graphs. I believe that around 5 practice tests should help boost your confidence when writing based on this sort of image.