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Tourism except benefits can also pose several problems

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May 16, 2020   #1

Advantages and disadvantages of tourism

Tourism is becoming a crucial criterium in sizing up the economy of various nations worldwide. However, tourism can also pose several problems if it is ill-managed. This essay will discuss both sides of the topic.

On the one hand, tourism brings about some blatantly obvious benefits. First of all, tourism helps decrease unemployment rates. Many job opportunities have welcomed a large number of people living in all parts of the country. According to some research, the open o f tremendous travel agencies recently have eased the job markets greatly; the individual income also rises a great deal. Furthermore, tourism contributes to promoting and popularising the image of the country. Foreign tourists coming yo Vietnam are warmly welcomed with Vietnamese cuisine, traditions and customs as well as different beauty spots, recognized by UNESCO as the World heritage. This will, consequently, attracts investments from foreign countries, helping boost the national economy.

On the other hand, tourism poses several pitfalls. First, then impacts of tourism on the environment can be seen clearly. The increasing demand on different amenities results in the growing of restaurants, hotels and amusement parks, whose appearance accounts for a great amount of lands. However, many of these services do not care for the sewage they give out to the environment, leading to several pollution. Moreover, tourism is a cause of bio-diversity loss. Homes of animals are destroyed to build such amenities for human, Their habitats are contaminated and poisoned, making them dying hungry. For example, due to mistaking plastic bags for food, shoals of fish are dead after eating them.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,568 2485  
May 16, 2020   #2
There are two tourism discussion topics that could apply to your A/D essay. Without the clarity of the original prompt, I cannot accurately consider the responsiveness of your response. I base the majority of your essay review on the prompt requirements. Please remember to upload it next time. Thank you. Students, please do not post what you think is the correct prompt for this essay. The OP is responsible for that.

The essay discussions always require the student his own knowledge or personal experience within the discussion essay. So you should avoid terms such as "According to research" which obviously goes against the discussion requirements. Always make it appear that your response is based on your personal knowledge. Just state the information. There is no need to say where it came from. In fact, the examiner will not even care if the information you provide is accurate. You can make information up, Just make sure that you explain it clearly in your presentation. The examiner is looking for the following points in your presentation every time:

- A clear topic sentence
- A clear explanation of the topic sentence
- A relevant example in relation to the topic sentence
- A reason that supports the topic sentence and example

Provide those sections in every paragraph and you definitely get a decent C&C score. All those information need to be presented in a general pronoun using way (second or third person). Or, if indicated, you can use first person pronoun references (What is your opinion? Present your opinion?" Do you dis/agree?)

Please learn to edit your work before you consider it finalized. Spelling and grammar errors can make you fail the test:

Foreign tourists coming yo Vietnam -...TO Vietnam...

Grammar Errors:

Never capitalize a word after a comma (... for humans, theirhabitats... )

... the open o f tremendous travel agencies = ... the OPENING of...

... making them dying hungry = ... making them die hungry.

Comma usage: Look up the rules regarding when and when not to use a comma in a sentence. In the following instance, a comma was required:

... Vietnamese cuisine, traditions, and customs.

The comma before "and" helps to clarify the presentation.

LR Error:

The affects of... = the effects of...

Affects = produces an effect

Effect = something produced by cause

So, even without the prompt requirements, we can clearly see that there are errors in your presentation. There are still other errors in the presentation but my post is already running too long. I'll leave you with these errors to consider for now. These should be enough to get you started with your English grammar lessons. Base your next set of grammar studies on the errors you made in this essay.
OP vlnga 1 / 1  
May 16, 2020   #3
Thanks for your comments, though I cannot find my err on the word "affects". My essay does not even contain this word.
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,568 2485  
May 16, 2020   #4
My apologies. The vocabulary explanation for a different post was accidentally attached to your essay. No worries though. You can keep the vocabulary lesson in mind for future use. That is, should the need arise.

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