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Town development progress

simupa 1 / -  
Sep 9, 2022   #1

how a small town become an urban town

The maps shows information about a town development progress from 1990 to 2005.
Overall, there was a significant progress that change small town become an urban town in the last fifteen years especially in three kind of facilities; transportation, business sector and accommodation.

An airport was built next to school in the northeast town, where the southeast development saw a new ferry port linked to a new railway from the east to west town.

In business sector, a factory was built replacing tress and houses in southeast area, while southwest development saw a new supermarket around the residential area. Meanwhile, a river runs through the middle of the town which divided the tow in two. Talking about accommodation saw constructed some houses that replace a lot of green area in northeast and several apartments were developed in west town close to the lake. In the northeast, two houses were constructed around hospital.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,204 4317  
Sep 10, 2022   #2
This exam taker has not fully utilized the word count for this task in aid of receiving a higher final score or considerations per consideration. 152 words does not allow the examiner to fully consider the English comprehesion, thinking, and writing skills of the examinee. While the limited word count does help one to avoid creating writing errors, it also has a drawback since the text that was provided could use more clarity in terms of explanation and analysis. Things that this report lacks.

With regards to formatting considerations, the writer should have used a 4 paragraph discussion format here. He should also have at least 3 sentences per paragraphs. There are a few run-on sentences here and there in this presentation. The writer did not really make an effort to present a well scoring paper. All things considered, he just wanted to present a completed paper, not a high scoring one.

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