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Essay on out-of-town shopping centres

TheGeek 1 / 1  
Jan 28, 2007   #1
Created by Sebastian
Due 28rd January
Shopping centre: Bluewater

What are the advantages and disadvantages of out of town shopping centres?

An out-of-town shopping centre is a place where you as a costumer can park your car, and go into a gigantic shopping centre. This started first in 1980 when they came up with that idea, to create a massive centre, that is reachable for people most. What makes a difference between out-of-town shopping centres and normal centres is that you got allot more choice to pick from. They have a cinema, a mini sport stadium, you can also cook, read, or play on a computer. This makes the costumers choose them. Twenty thousand high-street shops have gone out of business since 1997, including specialist shops such as bakeries, butchers and corner shops, at an estimated rate of around 50 per week.

For people who have jobs and a tight schedule, has good benefit of out-of-town shopping centres, with over 300 shops, and 40 places to eat and drink. They save allot time, instead running from a shop to an other, a mom with small and big children have also a benefit, the little child can be in a child club. Or they can go watch the cinema, with a 13-screen cinema, its something for all taste. When the mom is done shopping, they can go eat. They have all from McDonalds to a deluxe restaurant. You get a good social life hanging out in bluewater, with at least one busload of shoppers arriving every minute and a parking lot for 13 000 cars, that is almost full every day. But can you really save some money in out-of-town shopping centres? Well, yes you can save some money. They often got sales in the stores, and more often then regular. That's because everybody comes to Bluewater. From celebrity book-signings to new store openings and special one-off promotions and events, there's never a boring moment at Bluewater.

Out-of-town shopping centres also have some disadvantages, not just Bluewater.
The people who will not benefit as much are the old. Big centres means big noise, and we all now that old people don't like high noises. And with children swinging around, it can get a little annoying. What if there park their car, and the shop is in the other end? Then they have to walk along way! Then its better to just have one shop to go in.

I would say that the school nearby wouldn't have as much benefit either. But they got one positive and one negative side. The children in the school may go to the shopping centre instead of being at school, study. On the other hand Bluewater can offer a place for the children to get help with their homework. The local shops owners is the people who had the least benefit, before Bluewater came they had a good life with many costumers. But when Bluewater came that changed. Just ask your self what would you choose? To go in a centre where all your shop you need are in, or going from one shop to an other.

In conclusion, I think out-of-town shopping centres are a good and a bad idea.
Because... they have over 300 shops so you they got something for everybody's taste.
The second is the nature around Bluewater. Bluewater is big, so it use allot of power and, with all the cars coming and the busses, they aren't giving the nature a good and happy life.

Please give feedback on language, and spelling. And is it interesting? do you want to read the hole thing?

trine_321 2 / 6  
Jan 28, 2007   #2
My opinion probably shouldn't mean that much, obviously, I'm no expert. I don't even know if bluewater is a specific shopping center! But here it goes, anyway:

"This started first in 1980 when they came up with that idea, to create a massive center, that is reachable for people most" could maybe be replaced with something like "The idea of a massive center that's within reach for most people(,) was created in 1980."

"For people who have jobs and a tight schedule, has good benefit of out-of-town shopping centres..." could be altered to "People with a tight schedule will find many benefits in the proximity to everything needed."

It's a lot, not allot.

"Big centers means big noise, and we all now that old people don't like high noises" would maybe be better as "As we all know, large malls come with a lot of noise. They may therefore not be ideal for the elders."

When did malls start offering kids help with their homework? I've never heard of it. Oh, the "the kids might ditch classes because of the mall"-thing is a bit out of line. If a kid wants to ditch class, he or she will do that regardless of nearby malls...

Nature doesn't have "a good and happy life", because technically, nature isn't alive. You could probably say something like "The pollution from the cars and buses is destroying the wildlife (well, it depends on where bluewater is, but if the landscape around it is urban, this sentence should be ditched)"

This is all I had time to give feedback on. I din't start at the top and go down or anything, just picked a couple of sentences here and there. Sarah will probably have time to fix the rest soon (and correct any mistakes I might have made while correcting).

Nice work=)
OP TheGeek 1 / 1  
Jan 28, 2007   #3
thank you, I will change that.

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