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Traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem for many major cities. Suggest some mea

prixie 1 / -  
Aug 31, 2013   #1
Traffic congestion is on the increase in many countries and cities are becoming busier. Certain steps must be taken to overcome the problem as it is a global issue.

The main reason for traffic jams is that people usually travel by their personal vehicles rather than using public transport. Therefore, people should be encouraged to use public transport as it will reduce the problem of traffic congestion to a great extent. Public transport should be affordable so that people prefer to use it regularly. Also, the safety of the passengers should be ensured. For example- In Delhi, public transport like buses, metro etc have become popular due to their convenience and affordable prices. Car pool is also a good method to reduce traffic on roads. In car pool, many people can share a vehicle and go to their respective destinations thereby reducing traffic.

Another solution to the problem of traffic congestion is that people should be fined for travelling by car in busy parts of the city. This will induce people to use public transport and the fines will help to make public transport more advanced and effective. Moreover, the roads should be well maintained so that traffic can move smoothly without any interruption.

In conclusion, traffic conjestion can be reduced in major cities by encouraging public transport and implementing strict laws.

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Aug 31, 2013   #2
Hi Priya! It is better if you give us the full prompt of the essay. Also, if you are preparing for IELTS, your essay must contain at least 250 words. However, there are 222 words in the essay you posted.


and so on

due to

I think "thanks to" sounds better in this case.
Your ideas are good!
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Aug 31, 2013   #3
Good essay over all i think u need some more writing at the end, your conclusion is a bit to short.
Over all good Job!

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