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Task 2: Traffic - a problem in major cities. Causes and solutions.

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Sep 18, 2021   #1

Nowadays, traffic is a serious problem in big cities

Why is this so and what are the solutions to this?

The 21st century has witnessed a rising concern in major parts of different countries around the world surrounding the issue of traffic. This essay will elaborate on the cause of this matter and provide personal solutions.

First and foremost, it is believed that the results of this problem mostly surround the traditional way of laboring. Clarifying this point, in order to come to the workplaces, distinctive employees have to use an abundance of means of personal transportation, which creates a high demand of travelling on roads. Additionally, commuters not only who live inside city centres, but also suburbs outside that, are compelled to move to their companies at the common time of the day, particularly following the standardised work schedule. As a result, with the high usage of transportations from even remote areas at the exact same time, traffic congestion occurs in the entire international traffic system every single day. This strongly proves that the issue of traffic is the result of maintaining the old type of work contribution, which needs employees to come directly to their organisations.

In terms of solutions, to tackle the traffic problem, working habits should be completely changed. In other words, the Internet is widely used in different functions, especially connecting people, and this could be beneficial in organisations. In essence, inhabitants could work from home, instead of moving to the companies over and over, which makes the demand for transportation decrease. Another method could be that governments should invest more money into helping public transport systems become more intriguing. To comprehend this, there are different drawbacks of personal transportation that need to be widely educated to the citizens, such as the polluting air from those vehicles. Furthermore, making collective transportation more interesting, including declining travelling fares, would encourage the commuters to choose this kind of travelling instead of individual vehicles. After all, alteration of working practices and raising the amenities of public transportation are the recommended methods to deal with the problem of traffic.

In conclusion, the old type of laboring devotion has led to the struggling matter of travelling. Therefore, governments should make imperative ways to solve this problem and they can follow methods outlined in the essay, which are changing the ordinary way of doing jobs or the traditional type of vehicles, particularly personal ones, used to move to work.

P/s: I hope any experts can read this carefully and provide an advice to improve my writing in the exact points that I'm not strong at, regarding criteria of Ielts Writing, which are Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Grammar and Vocab.

Have a nice day!
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Sep 19, 2021   #2
The task 2 essay is the opportunity for the test taker to show his ability to explain his opinion and ideas quickly and clearly. That is why there is a 40 minute limit on the written presentation. bet to the point quickly, avoid forced errors, and score well. Write too much, create unintentional errors, score lower.That is always what happens when more than 300 words are witten. This essay is no exception. I believe the writer failed to time himself, hence the over-writing. keep it targeted and short. That is the main objective of this essay test. Logic is scored more than vocabulary usage. Do not try to pass based on vocabulary and word count alone.That never works.

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