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Traffic on roads has become a problem in nearly every in the world

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May 22, 2020   #1

Solving problems of the number of vehicles on roads

Traffic on roads has become a problem in nearly every country in the world. What can be done to reduce the amount of traffic at a society level and at an Individual level?

In this age of downfall, people are facing enormous problems especially, number of vehicles on roads are spreading like a fire and have become a global issue simultaneously triggering various worries in our lives. There are some measures such as increment in road taxes and carpooling that can help mitigate the problem of overcrowding of cars on roads which are discussed in the following paragraphs.

First of all, people are becoming car maniac and owning a private car is a matter of pride nowadays and we need to change this mentality by hook or crook. An increment in the rate of interest on vehicle finance or levy of heavy taxes on the purchase of private cars can become a factor to stabilize this issue. For instance, recently Italy has enhanced the cost of vehicle by implementing 5% additional road tax and has got flabbergasting results as there are fewer private cars on the roads, as compared to past.

Furthermore, the above course of actions is not enough to make our roads smoother, it would be more effective if every individual takes initiative towards its betterment by trusting on public transportation which is a great solution to reduce traffic congestion on the road. Moreover, an individual may set an example for others by way of sharing vehicles which is the best method to fight with the sluggish traffic. Carpooling will play a vital role in our future life so this is the perfect time to inculcate this habit which can change the face of our roads.

To recapitulate, although all the above-mentioned corrective measures are little complicated and cumbersome especially carpool as it is the matter of one's self-satisfaction and privacy, but it is most fruitful. Both, society and individual should keep an eye on it which is required to develop a good and efficient lifestyle.

RomanKoch 10 / 21 8  
May 23, 2020   #2
There is a pressure to include more advanced words in essays to score higher. In my uneducated opinion you included too many and not all of them are suitable, and some not even real words. Our task is to try to include advanced words in suitable situations. Wait for the contributor to correct this situation. For me it was hard to read because of too many fancy words and exaggerations but I am not a native speaker, just a student as you are.

In this age of downfall...number of vehicles on roads are spreading like a fire... I have an impression that the world is ending and cars are invading the planet. It is too dramatic. The task says that traffic is a problem.

to make our roads smoother smooth roads - leass holes and bumps, flat. Not less congested.
betterment It is not a real word.
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,981 2697  
May 23, 2020   #3
Why does this essay sound like you ran it through a tremendously inaccurate language translation program? This sounds like you took a dictionary, chose the words you wanted to use, and then used it without regard for relevance, proper usage, or grammar rules? There is absolutely no way that this essay will get a passing score due to severed LR and GRA issues.

You managed to address the topic of the essay. However, you failed to write a coherent essay. You relied on complicated words, where it wasn't required. You will not score well if you only focus on using fancy words. You can definitely fail the test because of the overuse of fancy words. It is absolutely alright to use simple everyday English words in the essay.

You are not scored on vocabulary knowledge, you are scored on proper vocabulary usage. Do not confuse usage for knowledge. The Task 2 essay has to have a natural feel to the discussion. It has to sound like you are writing a proper research or opinion paper. It should not sound like you are trying to show off to the examiner, which is what you did here. I am really getting frustrated with you.

Rather than showing improvements, you seem to be getting worse with every essay that you write, with this one being the worst so far. I cannot even begin to point out the errors in this essay. There are just too many to reflect on in one post. I will try though.

You need to write sensible phrases. There is no sense to the phrase "In this age of downfall." What were you referring to? What downfall?

Try to not exaggerate your opinions. Cars are spreading like a fire? People are becoming car maniac? Overused and memorized phrases like "by hook or by crook? Seriously? "... has got flabbergasting results?" Are you even trying to write a proper academic essay at this point? Or are you just so frustrated with your writing abilities that you did not even care to try anymore?

Your discussion points were valid. Your presentations were laughable though. The examiner will take one look at this essay and know that you tried to use vocabulary that you are not familiar with to write your essay. You memorized "big" words and hoped that using it, whether in the right context or not, could get you passing score. That will never happen. Do not try to impress by using advanced words in the wrong context. You can get a passing score without overdoing the vocabulary. How many times must I repeat to you that clarity and coherence are the only way you can pass this test? You keep failing to represent that in every essay that you write.

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