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General Training - Task 1 - Type: Job Application - Subject: Social events' organiser

Gaucho 3 / 8 1  
Feb 10, 2020   #1
PS: My aim in the writing test is 7 or above.

letter to the Training Organiser

You are going on a month training programme to the UK and know that the head of the course would like one of the participants to be the social events' organiser.

Write a letter to the Training Organiser. In your letter
· expressing your interest in the role
· requesting more information about it
· explaining what experience you have
Begin your letter as follows:
Dear ...,

Dear Mr Smith,

I am excited to be enrolled in the environment and disaster management training programme that you are organising next month in London. I noticed from a follow-up email that you are looking for someone to arrange the social events during the training's period. Therefore, I would like to offer myself for the role.

I have extensive experience in organising such events. I have worked for five years as an event promoter, being in charge of huge arrangements such as married, festivals, and others. By having such experience, I am currently responsible for organising the social events in my office. Therefore, I see myself qualified for this position.

I would, therefore, kindly request additional information about the events. I would be delighted if you could inform how many events I will probably be in charge as well as the expected time and days of them. As I will be attending the training programme I need to organise myself to meet your expectations without interfering with my studies' development.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


Holt [Contributor] - / 7,888 2167  
Feb 10, 2020   #2
It is important that you know that just because other people tell you how the might have written the letter, does not mean that you made a mistake in the way that you wrote your letter. There are no errors in your presentation. This is how you would like to write the letter and the opinion of others should respect that. There should never be any advice that undermines your confidence in your own writing abilities.

You did just fine with your letter. I do not ever want you to doubt yourself. The way you express yourself is, as I always say, the way you will be scored by the examiner. The examiner will not care how other people would have written their version of the letter. All he will care about is how you expressed yourself in the task, how you made yourself understood. That is what you will be scored on. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now, basing your general work on the requirements of the rubic, it is more than likely that you would get an average of 5 in all scoring areas. That means, you are doing a good job in writing. You will get a passing score. What you have to do is increase your ability to use more advanced British English vocabulary so that you can increase the LR and grammar range and accuracy of your presentation. Your vocabulary is simple enough to get the job done. We are looking for an intermediate vocabulary use at this point. You are still sticking to basic vocabulary, which hinders your ability to score better in the LR section.

Your presentation is acceptable but could be improved. Try to perform more English sentence development exercises, aside from the writing task tests. By practicing to write and/or complete English sentences using various exercises (all available online), you will begin to develop your writing style from beginner, to intermediate, then hopefully, to an advanced status. I will be extremely happy once you start writing complex and simple sentences in an intermediate state. That means you can score at least or more than a 6 already in the given task.

The sentence completion exercises will also help you in your essay writing because you will begin to develop your complex writing skills while also improving your vocabulary. Not to mention, you will also learn how to develop coherent and cohesive sentence presentations. Don't just keep writing the essays, practice sentence development alongside it. Otherwise, you will be limiting your writing style to the band 5 score.

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