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task 1 general training Write an e-mail to the bookshop

dohavy 1 / -  
May 26, 2022   #1

Reply for Mono Bookshop email

Your local bookshop has invited members of the public to recommend a guest speaker for an upcoming event that will include a series of talks from well-known people.

Dear Mono bookshop,

I have receive your email about the upcoming event in our town and Mono want to invite a guest speaker as well-known people. Therefore I have a suggest about a person whom I know is one of the face popular, Mr. Kim Namjoon also know as RM leader of BTS.

At first, to explain why I have a highly recommend about this man because he IQ is 148 point. Next, he already speak at many the interviews and the awards ceremony such Unicef, Grammy... This can prove that he have a great experience of talking and communicating. This could be a key point for this event.

Furthermore, his private Instagram owned more than 33 millions followers and it is increasing everyday. If he join the event it could be an outburst for Mono bookshop in this time. Besides, he is a person whom have a lot of interest in book and knowledge hence Mono can invite him by the book name 'The Mystery of Mono'.

That is my idea for the upcoming event. I hope this can help Mono Bookshop a hand. Thank you for reading this email and have a nice day.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
May 26, 2022   #2
The letter cannot make a recommendation for a book speaker without indicating a theme for the event. Since the person being suggested is part of K-Pop, then the theme should be related to Korean entertainment. Otherwise, only legitimate book authors can be recommended.

The guest speakers are invited based on their popularity as a writer. Their established popular books are part of the consideration. The reference to IQ and international speeches delivered do not matter unless it is relevant to the theme and suggestion criteria. There were not mentioned in the letter while it is an important reference for the validity of the suggestion.

The essay shows that the writer knows what he wants to sayin English. He has made great efforts to express himself in English. The problem is that his vocabulary is too limited to allow for clear thought sharing. Due to his word usage problem, he exhibits weak sentence structuring / writing as well. He must focus his review classes on strengthening his grammar skills to improve in these 2 areas where his skills are weakest.

This is a good attempt at letter writing. The writer shows promise and should improve over time with more lessons and regular practice.

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