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Translation of a short movie to my little brother at school

Sawsana 5 / 16 2  
Apr 15, 2017   #1
Can you help me to correct a small paragraph ?

Hi everyone I left this a wonderful website for a long time and I forgot everything about the language because I am talking Turkish and Arabic all the time

So I need your help in translation of a short movie to my little brother at school
I have translated into English language
But I don't know if I wrote each sentence correctly by using the grammar
Also I need other suggestions for using words which can be so effective and touching
With much appreciated

Abeer from Alshujaeyya

Hey , play don't mention
Everyone please take your place
Ali you can get it from your side
My dream was holding a bubite and running like kids
I always crided and wished if I could play hopscotch like my friends but I wasn't be able to do it
I lived my childhood's period among getting many operations and consultancy of doctors, however I studied and lived my childhood, I just tried to live it like any child but it wasn't like the childhood of any kid

Despite all the obstacles that I faced
The society towards me and everyone against me said that what this disabled girl will achieve in her life ?
Abeer was born in Alshujaeyya district, for sure that everyone knows Alshujaeyya city and for those who don't know this city . I think last war on Gaza allowed them to know Alshujaeyya

Of course Abeer started her childhood like not any childhood of any kid , I challenged all conditions around me that were tough and started to see my self in something that I can be creative in

I played basketball and it was such a wonderful thing to change the thoughts of the society against disabled person that he only needs treatment.

I had acting talent and I adored thing which called theatre but there was a big trouble I faced that Abeer must not play any role in series or on participate in theatre unless if it's talking about the disabled people

And I the producers just remembered me for one day each year the day of international disabled people
You will enter like allian and say hello. ..how are you
Iam getting 24years old
, everyone know the hard situation in Gaza and it's become so harder on the disabled people.
When I went to school and did my normal routine
All the sightseeing towards Abeer thatwhat will this disabled lady will achieve
the days have flied out and I graduated from the University
And now everyone told me that I am inspirationfor others to learn
The dolphin told me that there were worms in the sea and when every fish ate worm it disappeared
Soso has gone
Who is soso
It was my friend ,The silver fish
and now I have been guided to the bright idea so I can practice my talent by playing a role which examplify the disabled people and this role does not show me like a disabled lady

It's a special thearte forkids I do hope that this work will succeed and achieve my goal in the end inspite of all the obstacles we faced to produce I didn't escape from the reality of being disabled. of course not

Iam so proud of my disability
The actor should have a character in any areas of acting and I feel I am actor and I have a bility to be
So why I can't do this talent
Are they any comments on me
Not yet
So there is nothing good or bad ?

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,804 2612  
Apr 15, 2017   #2
Sawsan, it is difficult for anybody here to translate this essay for you for a number of reasons. The first, is that most of the sentences that you wrote do not make any sense in English. This essay sounds more like you used an online translator to write the essay in English coming from your mother tongue. That is the main reason why this essay doesn't make sense. The best thing for you to do at this point is write the essay again. This time, do not use a translator, if necessary, use a Turkish - English dictionary for writing the essay. Not the online translator. I know you are out of practice when it comes to writing in English but using the translator is not the way to fix the problem. You need to apply yourself and work on improving your English skills the hard way. Right now, I am sure that the essay makes sense in Turkish, but you cannot transliterate from Turkish to English. If the English sentence development and structure is not followed, what you end up with, is this mangled, incomprehensible bunch of words. Believe me, I would help you to fix this essay if it were possible and simple enough to do so. It just isn't easy to do when the essay is in such disarray like yours is. Try to write a new essay. This time, use only simple English words instead of trying to be creative and dramatic. Just speak in a natural manner. Keep your English presentation simple. That would be the best way to get back into the practice of writing in English.
OP Sawsana 5 / 16 2  
Apr 15, 2017   #3
Hold i didn't use the translator
It just my own translation
Bluemoom 2 / 11 2  
Apr 15, 2017   #4
we can not help you translate somethinh without having the original text (or video) . And looking at your sentences and structures, it really needs a lot of work, you made a lot of mistakes, almost everything is wrong. The only solution I guess is to ask someone you know, who is good at English, this will be really helpfull, or you can maybe post the link of your video here, you may get help . ( but check if you are allowed to post video links here first, so that you won't have any problems :) )

I hope this was useful :)
OP Sawsana 5 / 16 2  
Apr 15, 2017   #5
I have not practiced writing or speaking in English since the last August
So I forgot everything

Iam trying to be like before, however the time doesn't help because I am busy all the time
, by the way here is the second attempt to translate

Play . Come on
Each one has his place
Ali you have your own miracle, just do it
The dream of Abeer was holding marionette and running happily like her friends
I was always crying , wailing and I wanting to play hopscotch with my friends but I was not able to.
I spent my childhood between operations and doctors but I studied and lived my childhood I tried to live like any child but I wasn't like any child

In spite of all the difficulties I was facing, view's society towards me and the sayings of people who told me what is this disabled lady goung to be

Abeer was born Al - Shajaiya is definitely the well - known Shajaiya after the last war on Gaza
Of course, Abeer spent her childhood, nor like the childhood of any kid
I defied all the circumstances that were around and started to see the side which shows me how much I am creative

Of course I practiced basketball and it was such a wonderful thing that I change the society's view towards a person with disabilities that he doesn't only need treatment

I have the talent of acting and I love the name of theater, but there was a big problem, it wasn't necessary for Abeer to play a role in a series , she should play roles which prevents persons with disabilities . it means that they just only needed me to play a role which represent the disabled people for a day each year , this day is the day of disabled people

They asked me to play a roleof any person who has disability

The problem was a big
I can represent any role
I xan represent my homeland , I can be as an ideal for love. Every role means that I have a role in it and it does not mean that I am escaping from the reality of disability, of course not

I am very proud of my disability , However the artist should have a role in every field and I feel that I am an artist and I have the possibility of to practice talent.

Okay ,now inter as spaceman
Uh Shafiq Hello how are you
Of course, our society has a negative vies towards for women who are exercisingor making workout , so what is their vies if those women are disabled

24 years ... Of course, everyone knows the harsh conditions of Gaza and its circumstances became the hardest for people with disabilities
the last I went to school and did my routine of my life, however I only heard from all people around that what is this disabled lady going to be

The days have gone by and I graduated from university
And now all the people, saying, "We are learning from your inspiration ."

the Dolphins said that there was a worm in the water
And every fish that ate a worm was disappeared
Soso has gone ? Who is soso
My friend the silver fish
Now I am guided by the idea that I exercise my talent in a role which doesn't represent people with disabilities nor a girl I have a disability

I created A special play for the children, hoping that the work succeeds despite all the productive disabilities, hoping that we will arrive at the end

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