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Transportation and development - Aceh Government Scholarship featuring with DAAD Germany

multazam29 1 / -  
Apr 26, 2021   #1

Motivational Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,
The 2004 Aceh Tsunami destroyed almost all parts of Banda Aceh City with only a portion of the houses and buildings remaining. The earthquake that shook with a magnitude of 9.1 SR and with a tsunami as high as 16 m has caused more than 200,000 casualties ranging from being hit by buildings to being swept away by the tsunami currents. This disaster has also cut off transportation access from one area to another so that in that year people were forced to use rafts to travel. Awakening from a nightmare 16 years ago, Banda Aceh is now slowly growing into a better city to live in by rebuilding various public facilities that support the city's economy and progress.

Transportation is the most important part that continues to be planned and developed in support of community mobility. Having 2 state universities that are the best in their fields, this city has a strong attraction for students from 23 districts in Aceh and also from outside Aceh to come and study so many of them then use private vehicles to go to campus. The high level of car and motorcycle ownership is the main factor causing congestion on the city's main roads.

Based on my experience studying in the Civil Engineering undergraduate program in the field of transportation, I find that the transportation system that is supported by good facilities and infrastructure is one of the factors supporting the progress of a region. To overcome the various impacts that have arisen, road network development is an important option. The alternative choice of road network development solutions must selectively choose its location. One of the current strategic options is the Banda Aceh outer ring road. It is hoped that the Outer Ring Road will divert the flow continuously not through the city center, thereby reducing the possibility of delays in the center of Banda Aceh.

Through this master program, I will explore more knowledge to know deeper about transportation and development. About planning a transportation system that is efficient and based on sustainable development this is the reason I chose to major in Sustainable Mobility Management at the Technical University of Berlin. This department offers theory and practice that provides students both a conceptual understanding and the skills needed to tackle practical problems, covering the needs of strategy development, analysis and implantation, complex decision-making and project management. In addition, Berlin, which is also the capital and the largest city with a sophisticated and well-planned transportation system, is the perfect reason to be able to study there. With my enhanced skill and knowledge, I would like to be able to give more ideas and contributions in improving transportation system and performance whether as a researcher along with being a lecturer, or by working or being an employee in state-owned corporation so that transportation system in the future will go to be better bit by bit.

Sincerely yours.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,692 3498  
Apr 26, 2021   #2
The presentation is not as effective as it should be. It is almost as if you are writing this motivational letter not based on the suggested discussion topics, but rather, the AAS scholarship response essay guidelines. This does not look like any DAAD useful essay due to the information that is mostly irrelevant to the discussion. Your motivational letter should focus on several topics of importance such as:

1. Your professional goal and how you these studies will help you advance your career
2. Any leadership experience you have had within the community or on the job
3. Your academic accomplishments and professional traits that make you a candidate of the program
4. Why studying in Germany will be beneficial to you on a personal, academic, and professional level.

When you consider the guidelines for writing the motivational letter and compare it with what you have written, you should easily understand why you will have to write a totally new motivational letter. You need to develop one based on the actual information requirements of the DAAD.

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