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You need to travel from your home to a place 40 miles away. Compare different kind of transportation

You need to travel from your home to a place 40 miles away. Compare different kind of transportation you could use. Tell which method you would chooseYou need to travel from your home to a place 40 miles away. Compare different kind of transportation

The kind of transportation that everyone chose depends on the purpose of travel. Some pay attention about comfortable situation, for others economical part is more important. Personally, I travel with different kind of transportation depends on my purpose. If I want to be at sharp time for important meeting, I ignorance economical part and use a private car. If I want to have a physical exercise, I travel with bike short distance. However, in general, public transportation is my performable in compare to others. Among countless aspects which influence my choice, there are three conspicuous ones. Public transportation causes less cost, pollution, and nervous.

The main reason for my propensity for public transportation is economical fact. I usually use bus and metro to go towards work or classes. Their tickets have a low price that is appropriate for me because of my low income. If I take my car by myself, it consumes a lot of fuel and cost a lot for me. In addition, I may have a car crashed during the traveling and in this way, repairing the car allocate extra money for itself. For instance, last year I had a car accident. It was my fault. So, I had to pay opposite sides damaged, too. It cost me a lot about equal my weekly income. I prefer not to risk anymore and use public transportation.

Another reason why I agree with public transportation is that I believe in this way, the air gets less polluted. If everyone uses their private vehicles for transportation, they cause a harmful environmental damage. They polluted air and making a lot of noise. That is really disgusting and harmful for people's healthy condition. Doctors warn many times about their affect. Pollution in our city, Tehran, sometimes is dramatically high. We have forced to wear a mask some days. Even in special days that pollution is higher than normal, schools and factories have been closed.

Finally, there is a further more subtle point that should be considered. Terrific is really bothering issue for me. I cannot stand terrific without playing music during driving. I prefer to travel from some other route that even takes a long distance to my distination with low terrific. Terrific is a waste of time and energy. People spend several hours a day in terrific. I cannot imagine waste my valuable hours a day in terrific. For example, once I went my university from my uncle's home, I were 2 hours in terrific. I had no more energy during the classes up to evening.

Taking into account all factors that I mentioned before, we reached this conclusion that although public transportation have some drawbacks such as being slow or not be comfortable in compare to private transportation, but its profit has more weigh. It allocates low price. It has a low harmful effect on the environmental, and has less nervous.

Very good essay
Very well organized
Good examples
just some points

that everyone choo se
of travel=>of his or her travel(I am not sure)
pay attention about=>pay attention to
economical part=>economical issue
metro=>subway (I think it is a better choice)
to go towards=>to go to

I think you are going to have a very good score in your exam
Best of luck
I am agree with sinahector
your essay is very good and just need some corrections:
I may have a car crashed => I may have a car crash OR I may have a car accident
repairing the car allocate=> repairing the car needs
harmful environmental damage=>harmful has the same meaning as damage so use one of them
They polluted=>They pollute
making a lot of noise=>make a lot of noise
I think if you study more samples you will receive a very good score
(If you find my points helpful,please "like" it :)))) )

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