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Writing about your traveling experiences

helenatran 1 / -  
Oct 9, 2021   #1

my favorite free time activity is traveling

One of my favorite thing I do when I have free time is traveling. I like traveling because I am an extrovert person who like discovery the world. After every journey, I have learned a lot of thing about people, culture and nature where I have gone. I always travel with my friends or my family, I don't like to travel alone, because the more the merrier. I have taken a vacation to 15 cities and provinces in Vietnam, and I also want to travel abroad to see more thing in the world. I usually research in the Internet when I first arrive in a new place. I research about the features, the traditional foods, the famous place and the taboos in which I would like to travel.

Traveling have a lot of benefits that can help you in the future. Firstly, you can learn something interesting about people, tradition and nature in which you traveled. Secondly, you can meet someone who can be your friends in the future or can teach you something that you don't know. Thirdly, you can refresh yourself after the stressful days of work or study, you can relax and have a nice time. Finally, you may discovery the new place that you have never know about there before.

So many people like traveling nowadays because they are very stressful and have pressure after work. They want to travel like a holiday that they can resort or relax to balance your life.

I think, domestic tourism will be developed in the near future. I will recommend a foreign tourist something interesting that they can do when they travel to Vietnam. The first, they should go to Ha Long Bay - a cultural heritage was recognized by UNESCO in 2010. The second, they can go to Ho Chi Minh city to see how the economic in Vietnam founded and developed? The third, discovery Vietnam's culture and nature by go to the ancient capital of Hue, or go to Phong Nha Ke Bang cave - one of the most beautiful caves in the world, or Phanxipang - the highest mountain in Viet, and so on. There are a lot of things they should try when they arrive Vietnam such as wear traditional Vietnamese clothes - ao dai, eat traditional Vietnamese food - pho, buy something in Cai Rang floating market,... Vietnam have many things so interesting that they can't find in other countries or anywhere in the world.

All of my traveling were successful, but sometimes, it still had some problems such as airline delays or bad weather. In the last journey, when I traveled to Vung Tau beach, I did not check the weather forecast before. So, three days in there was not interesting as I expected. It was rained cats and dogs; I can't go anywhere except my accommodation. If I could choose to live anywhere, I still choose Vietnam, because the weather is good, people in Vietnam are very kind and sense of human. And if the question is where I want to travel most, I will choose Canada, because of the salmon, I like salmon most. The Canada's culture is interesting too.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,749 3795  
Oct 10, 2021   #2
is traveling

Right from the start, make sure to indicate if you are referring to international or domestic travel. That way the writing direction and discussions points are obvious to the reader. The first paragraph is confusing as you represent yourself as a world or international traveller then, you take it back or change your declaration towards the end. Avoid misrepresentations or confusing claims.

Traveling have a lot of benefits that can help you in the future.

Since you are asked to talk about your travel experiences, refer to all related points in first person. Talk about what you learned, experienced, regret, and enjoy. Do not lose sight of who should be speaking and why.

I think, domestic tourism will be developed in the near future. I

How does this paragraph connect to your travel experiences? It disconnects from the top and bottom presentation as it deviates from the discussion focus.

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